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Lost children found alive in rainforest 40 days after plane crash

By T.K. Randall
June 10, 2023 · Comment icon 22 comments

The children survived against all odds. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Jay
The children were miraculously found very much alive after a massive search effort spanning more than five weeks.
It's a story that might sound like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, but this real-life tale of survival in a hostile environment against all odds is very much the real deal.

The four siblings (aged 13, nine, four and one) had been traveling to San Jose del Guaviare aboard a Cessna 206 light aircraft with their mother and two pilots when the plane experienced engine problems and ended up crash-landing in Colombia's Amazon rainforest.

All three of the adults died, but the children managed to survive.

What followed was a remarkable feat of survival and endurance as the youngsters - looked after by the eldest sibling who was only 13 - wandered into the jungle to look for help.
Meanwhile, a massive search and rescue operation was being carried out involving dozens of soldiers who scoured the dense rainforest for any clues as to the survivors' whereabouts.

As the weeks went on, they found evidence including footprints and objects that the children had dropped, leading them to believe that they could still be alive.

Eventually, after 40 days alone in the jungle, the children were finally located.

They have since been airlifted to hospital where they are receiving treatment.

"I am very grateful, and to mother earth as well, that they were set free," their grandmother said.

Source: BBC News | Comments (22)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by Abramelin 11 months ago
Gen. Pedro Sanchez, who was in charge of the rescue efforts, said that the children were found 5 kilometers (3 miles) away from the crash site in a small forest clearing. For some this distance covered doesn't appear like much. But I tell you: that is equal to a 100 km march on open ground. And then realize it were very young kids hacking and stumbling their way through a jungle. Respect.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Myles 11 months ago
It is so sad that the mother was alive for 4 days before she died.   The siblings, aged 13, 9, 4 and 1, are part of the Huitoto Indigenous group and the eldest possessed some skills needed to survive and care for the younger siblings alone in the jungle, family have said.  Fidencio Valencia, an uncle, told the media outlet Noticias Caracol that the children were starting to talk after Friday’s rescue and one of them said they hid in tree trunks to protect themselves from snakes, animals, and mosquitoes creeping in the jungle. Some familiarity with the rainforest’s fruits were also key... [More]
Comment icon #15 Posted by Raptor Witness 11 months ago
In a sudden impact, the deceleration can severely damage your organs, causing internal bleeding. However, the smaller you are, conceivably the less damage, or the children may have simply been in a part of the plane that helped cushion the blow. Their story is worth millions, and if skillfully recreated, will be a must see for me, on the silver screen. The survival of the youngest, is a particular curiosity to me. How they hid in tree trunks at night, reminds me a little of the story of the Sierra Sounds, which is a fascinating survival story, also. They used a large tree trunk to hide in, at ... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado 11 months ago
The oldest child deserves a medal. Here's the kids.....
Comment icon #17 Posted by Abramelin 11 months ago
Perhaps I'm getting a bit too dramatic, but I try to imagine a mother sending her 4 young kids away to save themselves and leave her alone to die.
Comment icon #18 Posted by MissJatti 10 months ago
Comment icon #19 Posted by Funkadelic 9 months ago
Cant imagine what they all went through.   Really curious what the link was in your post,it’s not working. What was the movie? 
Comment icon #20 Posted by Raptor Witness 9 months ago
The Emerald Forest is a 1985 Britishadventure drama film set in the Brazilianrainforest.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Tatetopa 9 months ago
People that lead happy lives without danger and suffering seldom make for good stories.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Funkadelic 9 months ago
I'll check it out this weekend, thanks dude 

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