Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Lonely tribesman dies 26 years after his tribe was wiped out

By T.K. Randall
August 29, 2022 · Comment icon 8 comments

Many isolated tribes have been wiped out over the years. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Jlwad
A man dubbed 'loneliest on Earth' has died after spending decades alone in the Brazilian rainforest.
The anonymous tribesman, whose entire tribe was wiped out by land grabbers and cattle poachers, spent the rest of his days living off the land and sleeping alone in a wooden hut in the jungle.

So little was known about him, in fact, that nobody even knew his name, though some called him the 'Man of the Hole' because he would dig deep holes to trap animals.

Efforts had been made to make contact with him and to leave supplies, but he would typically flee when approached and one time even fired an arrow at an official, almost killing him.
After that, the decision was made to leave him to his own devices.

He was recently found lying in his hammock having seemingly died of natural causes.

Few details remain about the tribe he once belonged to other than that contact with the outside world in the 1970s ultimately cost them everything.

With the tribe's only remaining member now dead, its entire population and culture has been lost.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (8)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Myles 1 year ago
At lest now they can enter the area and learn more about the tribe.
Comment icon #2 Posted by jethrofloyd 1 year ago
The last man in Amazon. Now, the timber corporations can freely continue a destruction of the 'Earth Lungs'.
Comment icon #3 Posted by susieice 1 year ago
They probably have been all along. One man wouldn't stop a corporation. May be why he stayed hidden. The OP says the majority of his tribe had already been killed.
Comment icon #4 Posted by stance 1 year ago
It's probably flattened, before any archaeologist or whoever can get in.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Abramelin 1 year ago
And that's ok for president Bolsonaro. He's a kind of Brazillian Trump.
Comment icon #6 Posted by MissJatti 1 year ago
RIP lone man, may you be reunited with loved ones in the afterlife!
Comment icon #7 Posted by Orphalesion 1 year ago
The poor man, 26 years all alone. It's terrible that this kind of violence is apparently tolerated towards tribes (I'm talking about the part where the other members of his tribe were murdered).
Comment icon #8 Posted by Black Red Devil 1 year ago
I bet many living in big cities feel more alone than he ever did amidst nature. He's tribe was probably living too close to 'civilisation', hence the reason they got wiped out. At least there is some good news in relation to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. ARPA (Amazon Region Protected Areas) has managed to protect 44% thus far and turn the land into natural reserves. Let's hope the percentage increases in the coming years before it gets turned into a Mcdonalds and KFC etc.

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