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Woman dies after drinking too much water during boat trip

By T.K. Randall
August 10, 2023 · Comment icon 47 comments

Drinking too much water can be lethal. Image Credit: Pixabay / congerdesign
The freak incident occurred when the mother-of-two chugged multiple bottles of water in a short space of time.
36-year-old Ashley Summers from Monticello, Indiana had been enjoying a boat ride on Independence Day during particularly warm weather when the incident happened.

Having been extremely thirsty, she consumed four bottles of water within the space of 20 minutes.

Upon returning home, she complained of a sore head, passed out and then never woke up.
According to doctors, Summers had suffered from water intoxication - a rare condition that can occur when someone drinks so much water that it throws off the body's electrolyte balance.

This, in turn, causes sodium levels to drop, resulting in lethal swelling of the brain.

"It pinched off her blood vessels like a kink in a hose and just stopped the blood flow to the brain," said her brother, Devon Miller. "It was a big shock to us all. I was just like, this is a thing?"

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #38 Posted by joc 9 months ago
Charlie B 3 August, 2023 Doesn’t make sense. I’m a critical care physician and It takes *a lot* of water intake to cause significant hyponatremia. A few bottles of water won’t do it. There is a missing piece. Either she drank way more than stated or her doctors have missed something.
Comment icon #39 Posted by SHaYap 9 months ago
selfie filter "eyes" ~  
Comment icon #40 Posted by razman 9 months ago
Thats why i started this thread when i saw the article , i mean i get it that there a thing called " water intoxication" , and albeit 20 minutes is kinda quick ,  but 4 of these size bottles , it just seemed a little off in some way.
Comment icon #41 Posted by joc 9 months ago
Honestly I drink 64 Oz of Powerade way too frequently in 20 minutes or less. Now I know that's not water it's got electrolytes and stuff in it. And also to be honest, just looking at her and her husband and her kids, I really doubt that she's a meth head. But something just doesn't seem to be adding up there.
Comment icon #42 Posted by razman 9 months ago
Yea , and she may seem a bit short , but she don't seem like a tiny boned or overly thin girl.
Comment icon #43 Posted by pellinore 9 months ago
More people die from coconuts falling on their heads than die from shark attacks Death by coconut - Wikipedia Use with extreme caution.
Comment icon #44 Posted by SHaYap 9 months ago
That's because more idiots sit under coconut trees in windy conditions than there are sharks that are inclined to attack people...  ~
Comment icon #45 Posted by CrimsonKing 9 months ago
Anyone else remember that time Rowdy Roddy Piper smashed a coconut over Jimmy snuka's head..."just when you think you have all the answers,I change the questions" 
Comment icon #46 Posted by pellinore 9 months ago
I just looked it up, apparently it caused brain damage:The Backstage Story On Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka’s Coconut Incident In WWE (
Comment icon #47 Posted by SHaYap 9 months ago
Coconuts weighs four five times more (at the very least) with the husk. From the height of a two story (at least) building it will not be fun and I've seen some near misses... I give them a wide berth everytime I walk by...  The nut without the husk though, can be easily cracked if you hit it just right, right in the middle away from the "eyes" and end... Just a small pebble will do the job..  ~

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