Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Alleged 'alien' captured on camera along Bolivia's Pilcomayo River

By T.K. Randall
August 31, 2023 · Comment icon 18 comments

Is this an alien entity or a photoshopped hoax ? Image Credit: Twitter / Facebook
An image of what looks like a semi-transparent extraterrestrial entity recently went viral on social media.
Take a look at the above photograph - what can you see ?

This was the scene captured on camera along the Pilcomayo River in the city of Tarija, Bolivia, recently when something unexpected showed up while a man was being filmed in the foreground.

Exhibiting anomalous proportions, long limbs and an almost skull-like head, the figure looks distinctly like the stereotypical 'alien' entity that you might see in science fiction movies or TV shows.

On top of that, it appears semi-transparent, with the background partially visible through its body.
"It looks like a transparent being with long limbs, typical of a gray being," said Ufologist Javier Carlos Cordero. "But we must apply a filter to the photo that will allow us to determine its veracity."

"Tarija seems to have a special connection to activities of this type and this reinforces the notion that there could be something more at play."

Skeptics argue that the image is a clear hoax created by digitally inserting the 'alien' into the picture, especially since there's no reflection of it in the nearby water.

What do you think ?

Source: Eldeber.com.bo | Comments (18)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by NCC1701 25 days ago
Comment icon #10 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 25 days ago
The photo is blurry, it must be bigfoot. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by astrobeing 24 days ago
All I see in this 1200x1600 pixel photo is some pixelated vertical gray lines.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 24 days ago
@astrobeing, are you saying that guy in the photo is supposed to be an Alien?? Jeesh. Why didn't the photographer ask for an autograph? 
Comment icon #13 Posted by DreadLordAvatar 24 days ago
Fake.  No reflection of “ET” in the water.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Golden Duck 23 days ago
If you can't prove that it's a man made craft, then it's an alien.
Comment icon #15 Posted by MissJatti 23 days ago
Looks like an bank of a river full of twigs, sticks and foliage in the area. You can see underneath the so called alien the area is cleaned. So to me the ""alien"" is just twigs and sticks attached together to make it look like the "alien body" from the debris below
Comment icon #16 Posted by razman 22 days ago
Perhaps we will get a clear photo one of these days , so we can actually see what we're looking at.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 21 days ago
what "they" say goes, and so far, they just aren't willing to be exposed.
Comment icon #18 Posted by astrobeing 16 days ago
Remember back in 1976 when "psychic investigators" set up cameras with flashes all over the allegedly haunted Amityville Horror house and took one of the creepiest photos ever of a ghost kid with no eyeballs? Well, for some reason George Lutz (one of the investigators) refused to show anyone the negative and only brought a tiny 3x5 inch print of the incredible image to daytime talk shows like Merv Griffin Show and the Mike Douglas Show. He would hold it up to the camera and people in the audience would gasp. There was no doubt that this was a genuine photo of something beyond our comprehension... [More]

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