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Our ancestors may have evolved in Europe, not Africa, study claims

By T.K. Randall
September 5, 2023 · Comment icon 43 comments

Did our ancestors originate in Europe ? Image Credit: CC BY 4.0 Cicero Moraes (Arc-Team) et alii
A controversial new study based on an 8.7-million-year-old skull could serve to rewrite the history books.
For years, it was believed that the early ancestors of modern humans originated exclusively in Africa before migrating to Europe, but now the discovery of a fossil skull in Turkey has the potential to turn this idea completely on its head.

The specimen - a well-preserved partial cranium belonging to a species named Anadoluvius turkae - dates back 8.7 million years and was found in the Corakyerler fossil locality near Cankiri, Turkey.

The species weighed as little as 110 pounds and lived mostly on the forest floor.

Most significantly, researchers now believe that Anadoluvius, along with other apes from neighboring regions, may have originated in Europe rather than migrating from Africa.
"With its more comprehensive data, the research provides evidence that these other apes were also hominines and means that it is more likely that the whole group evolved and diversified in Europe, rather than the alternative scenario in which separate branches of apes earlier moved independently into Europe from Africa over the course of several million years and then went extinct without issue," the researchers wrote.

So could this mean that we will need to rewrite the book on human history ?

"These findings contradict the long-held view that African apes and humans evolved exclusively in Africa," said Professor David Begun of the University of Toronto.

"While the remains of early hominines are abundant in Europe and Anatolia, they were completely absent from Africa until the first hominin appeared there about seven million years ago."

Source: Mail Online | Comments (43)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #34 Posted by Frank_Hoenedge 11 months ago
  You’re right, and one of the reasons I love this forum.   I’m still curious as to how an Anatolian ancestor of hominids would be less substantiated in archeology than hominids that evolved into Homo sapiens sapiens  What ChatGPT said:    I do wonder which source material ChatGPT hallucinates from (and why it’s unproven perspective seems like fair use of language) Smithsonian Mag 2020
Comment icon #35 Posted by ReadTheGreatControversyEGW 11 months ago
Folks we've found Bigfoot's cousin XD 
Comment icon #36 Posted by Abramelin 11 months ago
I sort of 'proved' it a while ago: when you state something on a much visited forum like UM, and do that several times, the chatbot will pick it up, and say something like, "Scientists now think that...."
Comment icon #37 Posted by Trelane 11 months ago
Please, don't give Scott any more ideas.
Comment icon #38 Posted by Piney 11 months ago
Comment icon #39 Posted by qxcontinuum 11 months ago
Arch how can someone dare to take that fundamental right of every African by claiming Indo European origins... We all come from Africa this century, the next one ... will see
Comment icon #40 Posted by Son of Apollo 11 months ago
We are African animals. African megafauna still exist today because we evolved on that continent. They are naturally weary of humans. No other place on the planet can compare, the closest would be lower Asia. This makes sense. It is the reason human migration charts tend to list Asia as our second home. We are upright, sight focused, naked animals. Africa is the only place in the eastern hemisphere that would support that. The problem with modern science is, we have all been lied to. The polarity shift every 12000 years has never been calculated into the equation. What I suspect is, the shifts... [More]
Comment icon #41 Posted by jmccr8 11 months ago
Hi Son Just wondering if you are the son of Apollo the god or the space program?
Comment icon #42 Posted by Hammerclaw 11 months ago
South America wasn't covered with ice 20,000 years ago.  
Comment icon #43 Posted by docyabut2 11 months ago  A story of a human origin:)

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