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Kecksburg UFO mystery continues to endure over 58 years later

By T.K. Randall
December 15, 2023 · Comment icon 14 comments
Flaming fireball over a forest.
What fell from the sky over the United States in December 1965 ? Image Credit: Bing AI / Dall-E 3
Something came down in the woods near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania on December 9th, 1965.
The strangeness began when thousands of witnesses across six US states and parts of Canada observed a peculiar fireball that dropped "hot metal debris" as it blazed through the heavens.

Despite the sightings being fairly widespread, however, it was the small town of Kecksburg in Pennsylvania that would become most closely associated with the incident.

It started when a young local boy claimed to have seen the object come down in nearby woods and his mother later reported it to the authorities when she saw strange blue wisps rising from the trees.

Several locals, including members of the fire department, went out to investigate the scene and found an odd acorn-shaped object the size of a small car with strange writing on its surface.

Within a short space of time there were reports of an intense military presence at the crash site with army officials ordering civilians away from the scene while the object was being loaded onto a truck.
The incident was later played down as nothing more than a meteor impact, however many people still believe that the military had been covering up something a lot more significant.

In 2005, NASA claimed that an analysis of fragments retrieved from the site had identified them as being parts of a Soviet satellite, but official records concerning the find had been lost in the 1980s.

Investigative journalist Leslie Kean even sued NASA under the Freedom of Information Act and while the space agency was ultimately ordered to search for the records, their whereabouts were never determined.

Some believe that the documents were hidden or destroyed as part of a cover-up, while others believe that it was more likely to be the US Air Force, not NASA, that had possession of the files.

Whatever the case, no definitive explanation for the incident has ever been forthcoming.

Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 4 months ago
That is also my guess!
Comment icon #6 Posted by Skulduggery 4 months ago
'Hazzard a guess'
Comment icon #7 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 4 months ago
I will bet you a Cheeseburger!!! But if you win I will have to pay you tomorrow!!!!?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Jon the frog 4 months ago
They found a lot of internal parts of Shuttle Columbia mostly intact, even experiments with living samples (nematodes) still alive, hard drives, command panels... but the shuttle was destroyed  from the fiery re-entry.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Raptor Witness 4 months ago
By far, the most important part of this story surround the threats made against U.S. citizens, especially the press, in this case. At the 10:00 minute mark: There’s no justification for the direct harm to our citizens, who are merely witnesses to a natural event. The other important fact, irrespective of all the other evidence discovered, by the eye witnesses, are these reports of unrecognizable writing on the object. Described as looking like hieroglyphics by several citizens. The behavior by the shadow government is treason, and it continues unchecked to this day. If they are not stopped, ... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 4 months ago
Do you trust the locals, including firemen?? From the OP: "...and found an odd acorn-shaped object the size of a small car with strange writing on its surface."
Comment icon #11 Posted by Golden Duck 4 months ago
Comment icon #12 Posted by astrobeing 4 months ago
You mean the people without names?
Comment icon #13 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 4 months ago
Of course they have names. Everyone has a name.  take care, astro 
Comment icon #14 Posted by astrobeing 4 months ago
For some reason they didn't want to use them that day.

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