Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Military fighter jets intercept mystery balloon high over United States

By T.K. Randall
February 24, 2024 · Comment icon 34 comments

Jets were scrambled to intercept the balloon. Image Credit: US Air Force / Darin Russell
NORAD has been tracking an unknown high-altitude balloon that was first spotted on Friday.
According to reports, the balloon, which is floating at an altitude of between 43,000 and 45,000 feet, was detected yesterday by NORAD - the organization responsible for US and Canadian air defense.

The object proved sufficiently concerning to warrant interception by US military jets, but upon closer inspection it was determined that it did not pose a threat.

"The balloon was intercepted by NORAD fighters over Utah, who determined it was not maneuverable and did not present a threat to national security," NORAD said in a statement.

"NORAD will continue to track and monitor the balloon."
"The FAA also determined the balloon posed no hazard to flight safety."

As things stand, nobody knows where the balloon originated or what its purpose might be.

Observations indicate that there is a small cube-shaped box hanging underneath it - perhaps some sort of science experiment or surveillance system.

The incident echoes the events of early last year when a Chinese spy balloon brimming with spy equipment was intercepted and shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

Whether or not this latest balloon was sent by a foreign power, however, still remains unclear.

Source: CBS News | Comments (34)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #25 Posted by DieChecker 2 months ago
Sounds like a hobby club balloon to me also. 
Comment icon #26 Posted by Doc Socks Junior 2 months ago
Makes you wonder why the traitors in DC aren't conducting military tribunals and executing all the hobby balloonists. The current regime HATES this country and are an EMBARRASSMENT. 
Comment icon #27 Posted by psyche101 2 months ago
You're memory doesn't work very well does it
Comment icon #28 Posted by psyche101 2 months ago
Of course not. Don't be silly  It simply must be an enemy incursion and Biden is behind it!!!!! There's no other options! 
Comment icon #29 Posted by psyche101 2 months ago
Like the Chinese one?  
Comment icon #30 Posted by Doug1066 2 months ago
I used to be involved in an ozone monitoring project.  We launched weather balloons equipped with GPS and ozone monitors.  They were not maneuverable, either. Each balloon had a "sniffer" that took in air samples and measured the ozone content and radioed the info back to base.  They made a sniffing sound.  They were supported by string and duck tape attached to the balloon.  A $2000 instrument held up by string!  There was a note in each sniffer that offered a $50 reward for the return of the sniffer. One of our balloons landed in a parking lot in a Texas mall.  The local police though... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by Doug1066 2 months ago
The FAA requires advance notice of balloon launches so they can close the air space around it to prevent accidents.  All anybody has to do is call the FAA and ask. Doug
Comment icon #32 Posted by Myles 2 months ago
It could and maybe should have been shot down.  They did not file a flight plan. 
Comment icon #33 Posted by Gromdor 2 months ago
Balloons don't file flight plans.  They typically are class G, D or E. They typically go where the wind takes them so flight plans are useless.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Myles 2 months ago
I was going off of Doug's comment - "The FAA requires advance notice of balloon launches so they can close the air space around it to prevent accidents".   If they did not follow the guidelines they deserve what they get, I guess.

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