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Modern Mysteries

Mystery 'spy balloon' debris recovered by fishermen off the coast of Alaska

 VIDEO  3-2-2024 | 0

A fishing crew has reportedly recovered what is thought to be the remains of another spy balloon in the waters off Alaska.

Modern Mysteries

Military fighter jets intercept mystery balloon high over United States

 VIDEO  2-24-2024 | 34

NORAD has been tracking an unknown high-altitude balloon that was first spotted on Friday.

Modern Mysteries

Real-life Pennywise taunts police in quiet Scottish village

 VIDEO  10-14-2023 | 13

A real-life version of Stephen King's terrifying killer clown Pennywise has been leaving red balloons all around Skelmorlie.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Navy once fired at a 'balloon weapon' that turned out to be Venus

2-15-2023 | 3

The rather embarrassing incident was recently recounted in a Tweet by the US Naval Institute.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of downed UFOs over US sparks 'alien invasion' fears

2-13-2023 | 100

Three unidentified objects have now been downed by fighter jets over North America and we still don't know what they are.

The UFO Phenomenon

US fighter jet shoots down 'unidentified object' over Alaska

2-11-2023 | 258

The mysterious object was reportedly smaller than the Chinese balloon that was shot down last week.

The UFO Phenomenon

F-22s scrambled to intercept mystery 'balloon' off Hawaii

2-19-2022 | 14

The US tactical fighter jets were sent to intercept a suspicious object near Kauai's north shore.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is leaked Pentagon UFO a 'Batman' balloon ?

12-20-2020 | 13

A recently distributed image of a UFO captured from a US fighter jet may have a rather mundane explanation.

World of the Bizarre

Iron Man balloon sparks 'alien' scare in India

10-18-2020 | 3

A novelty balloon of the metal-suited Marvel hero recently caused panic in the town of Dankaur, India.

The UFO Phenomenon

Japanese authorities investigate mystery object

 VIDEO  6-18-2020 | 11

A large balloon-like 'UFO' has captured the attention of local residents, the media and even the government.

Science & Technology

Pentagon is testing mass surveillance balloons

8-4-2019 | 8

According to FCC documents, the US military has been experimenting with a new type of mass surveillance.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mobile network balloon sparks UFO scare

6-26-2019 | 6

Residents of Butler County, Ohio were left perplexed earlier this month by a giant white orb in the sky.

World of the Bizarre

Man takes to the skies using 100 balloons

 VIDEO  10-27-2017 | 13

Tom Morgan managed to reach a height of 8,000ft by attaching helium balloons to a camping chair.

The UFO Phenomenon

Google balloon causes UFO scare in Colombia

3-16-2017 | 4

Tolima province residents were left terrified after a mysterious object crash-landed near their homes.

World of the Bizarre

Man flies over Calgary using helium balloons

 VIDEO  7-7-2015 | 16

Authorities were alerted after the man tied balloons to a lawn chair and soared in to the heavens.

Space & Astronomy

'Alien sounds' recorded in the stratosphere

 VIDEO  5-5-2015 | 21

A NASA balloon experiment has picked up sounds that wouldn't seem out of place in an X-Files episode.

Space & Astronomy

Star Wars fans send X-Wing in to space

 VIDEO  4-30-2015 | 25

Two amateur astronomers have succeeded in placing a model fighter in to orbit using a weather balloon.

World of the Bizarre

Firm sends burger and chips in to space

 VIDEO  10-11-2014 | 16

A fast food firm has become the first to send a sample of their cuisine in to orbit using a balloon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Rogue Google balloon caused UFO scare

6-1-2014 | 11

A prototype balloon malfunctioned during a test flight and generated a wave of UFO sighting reports.

Space & Astronomy

Company offers balloon trips in to space

10-24-2013 | 12

An Arizona firm called 'World View' is offering tourists the chance to ride in to space aboard a balloon.

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