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'Invisible goblins' blamed for haunting of terrified family in Zimbabwe

By T.K. Randall
March 16, 2024 · Comment icon 57 comments
Goblin statue.
Are goblins responsible, or is something else going on ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Kyoukaa
Three young children and their grandparents have allegedly been at the mercy of some mischievous entities.
According to local news reports, the phenomena plaguing the family - who hail from Magwegwe North in Bulawayo - began last November and quickly left them frightened and confused.

Among the many incidents that have occurred at their home were cases of objects disappearing into thin air, strange noises, lights flickering, doors closing on their own and even - on a few occasions - the family's children (aged 8, 12 and 13) being physically attacked by an unseen force.

"One morning, our children woke up with their heads shaved," one of the grandparents stated.

"We thought it was a one-time thing. The next day, our youngest child woke up in the middle of the night, screaming. He had been stabbed in the leg with a knife! He also woke up with his head shaved again. We were all terrified and completely clueless about what was happening."
In desperation, the family turned to spiritual healers and other practitioners in the region, but rather than help matters, such interventions only seemed to make things worse.

Intriguingly, when the grandparents sent the children to live with their maternal grandmother in South Africa, the phenomena seemed to follow them there, prompting her to send them back home.

While the family have attributed the occurrences to 'goblins', if all of this had been happening in the US, for example, it's more likely that it would have been attributed to poltergeist activity.

Either way, it seems that whatever it is that has been plaguing the family, it has left them at the end of their tether.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #48 Posted by papageorge1 23 days ago
But wouldn't you require some base information/experiences from which to draw inferences and make deductions?  
Comment icon #49 Posted by Duke Wellington 23 days ago
From my experience, that`s what I get. Of course I`m interested in the physics not the experience, to see what I can figure out and to point me in the direction for investigation. 
Comment icon #50 Posted by papageorge1 23 days ago
I guess I need to step back to see where you are coming from.  I'd be interested in hearing the experiences when you get the chance. They are a rare thing and I like all the information I can get. I've never had the type of experience you described above. Are you familiar with Eastern (Hindu), Theosophical and esoteric teachings or are you self-teaching? 
Comment icon #51 Posted by Antigonos 23 days ago
Theosophy isn’t a religion nor does it have teachings. It was a made up fraud by Helena Blavatsky. It’s all horsecrap
Comment icon #52 Posted by papageorge1 23 days ago
I acknowledge your position but disagree. I think beyond her not being a fraud there is a great wealth of teachers that have contributed. And I'm sure you can find many scathing and complementary appraisals of her out there. Like some would say everything Papageorge1 says is garbage. Others will disagree.
Comment icon #53 Posted by Kittens Are Jerks 22 days ago
Who in their right mind would attribute thefts and beatings to invisible creatures? This story and the one below demonstrate only too well why beliefs in the supernatural are dangerous. Children are being abused physically and sexually, and here we are discussing ghosts and goblins. There is no question that a human is responsible for these attacks, but rather than attempting to identifying and stopping whomever is responsible, they are all chasing after some invisible, imaginary entities. The following story is about a family in Nyanga (a town in Zimbabwe)  where a family took their grandfat... [More]
Comment icon #54 Posted by quiXilver 22 days ago
Not commenting on the topic relatedness, but rather your curious need to attack someone for their opinion when it's not in alignment with your own. Seems a weak position to lash out is all...
Comment icon #55 Posted by Antigonos 22 days ago
I’m sure it does seem that way to you since you know nothing about me and aren’t aware of the wider context here. Not surprised it is curious to you or that your take is wrong. Which is perfectly fine. Everyone’s entitled to weigh in with an opinion,  even without knowing the facts.     
Comment icon #56 Posted by quiXilver 21 days ago
I'm familiar with your posting style since you joined, which I usually find somewhat adroit and insightful on occasion.  I generally appreciate your contributions. I'm very familiar with papa's commentary over the years and find his stance against mindless scientism, and non-critical thinking skepdickism to be rather brave even though I hardly ever agree with his take on paranormal sourcing. I'm simply pushing back on your unseemly attacking of his opinion.  If all opinions are entitled, you seem oddly threatened by his?
Comment icon #57 Posted by The man in the tan jacket 16 days ago
I am now going to blame everything on invisible goblins

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