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Titanic exhibit mysteriously floods in allegedly 'haunted' museum

By T.K. Randall
June 30, 2024 · Comment icon 22 comments
Titanic exhibit flood.
Where did the water come from ? Image Credit: YouTube / Volo Museum
A Titanic exhibit at a museum near Chicago has inexplicably flooded and nobody can figure out how.
The Volo Museum, which already has a reputation for being haunted, made local news headlines recently when CCTV footage was released showing a significant amount of water suddenly flood its Titanic exhibit late in the evening when nobody else was around.

Particularly strange was the fact that museum officials were unable to find any explanation for the flooding, despite their best efforts to locate the source of the water.

There were no burst pipes, no roof leaks or anything else that could account for it.

"I'm not a huge ghost guy, but when all this happens... I mean we're looking but there's no cracks, there's no holes," the museum's director, Jim Wodjtyla, told NewsToday.
"There are no broken pipes. The ceiling is fine. Everything around the building is totally fine."

The museum is certainly no stranger to unusual occurrences, having been home to numerous accounts of paranormal phenomena, sightings of shadowy figures and other weirdness.

So could the water be paranormal in nature or is there a more conventional explanation ?

You can check out the CCTV footage for yourself below.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by Antigonos 10 days ago
Disappearing water from an f-ing fish tank..  
Comment icon #14 Posted by Hankenhunter 6 days ago
Really? There's probably millions of dollars of Titanic relics there. You think they'd risk it for a p.r vid? The humidity alone would certainly damage many artifacts. 
Comment icon #15 Posted by Stiff 5 days ago
Good point. We'd best go along with the paranormal explanation then.
Comment icon #16 Posted by moonman 4 days ago
Did anyone bother to check if the car radiator leaked? Seems pretty obvious to me, it's coming from the car. Claiming "paranormal" and not even mentioning that makes this amateur hour clickbait BS all around.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Bendy Demon 4 days ago
First off, why would a display car even have water in its radiator? At any rate the video looks fake to me. Notice how, when the water reached the clothing display, that the edges of the fabric did not move one iota and there was zero indication of the fabric absorbing even the tiniest amount of water? Also..assuming for the moment that it came from one of the display cars, that radiator would have to have had an incredible amount of water for it to cover that much area in under an hour and be under pressure. Regardless I do not buy this as being legit in the least.  
Comment icon #18 Posted by moonman 4 days ago
Why WOULDN'T it? They might have driven it in there, who says they emptied it. They should have, yes, but we don't know they did. Mistakes happen and it doesn't exactly look like they are running a top tier operation. As for the amount of water, it doesn't take much to cover a floor. A five gallon bucket of water can cover a huge area when it spreads out. It would take about five seconds to test/check. I suspect they know, but they aren't keen on ruining their little paranormal grift that raises attendance.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Bendy Demon 4 days ago
No. I simply do not accept that. These cars could have been very easily been pushed into position without having to start the engine or put water in the radiator. Again..the video show the supposed water flowing under the displays holding the clothing yet the edges of the fabric did not move even a fraction of an inch despite the creeping water or the absorption of water. But we can debate this until the cows come home to roost but to me the video does not look legitimate at all. Something about how the 'water' is flowing seems off to me. Again..fake in my book, just a stunt to gain clicks and... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by moonman 4 days ago
I think the video is sped up a little, and the dresses aren't touching the floor in the first place. No way I think they would fake such a stupid video with CGI or something like that. The video is real regardless of where the water came from.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Hankenhunter 4 days ago
Well, according to the article, staff at the museum searched for a source for the water, and found none. The plumbing, and pipes were checked. Not to mention it was captured on security camera. I highly doubt that was the only camera they had on the premises either considering the value of the contents inside. No mention was made about capturing jokster(sp.) intruders. If there were, the police would have been called. Still, I'm not saying it was "ghosts". Just unexplained.
Comment icon #22 Posted by the13bats 4 days ago
I still have the out right blarring obvious question was there even actually any water, people asked if it was sea water, but it had a CGI vibe to me, If I spill even say half a big gulp on my wood bedside floor I have to break out the mop , cleaners etc, if a person makes claims of what would have amounted to many gals of water wouldnt they grab a sample? There has to actually be an event to be unexplained if no proof of water past a rather dubious video then I jump to hoax for attention for a rather played out exhibit.

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