Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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NASA makes major announcement about Mars sample-return mission

4-16-2024 | 17

Major change is afoot regarding NASA's plans to return samples of Martian soil and rock to the Earth.


Avi Loeb offers new evidence to suggest that spherules are alien

2-7-2024 | 48

The Harvard astronomer discovered the objects on the sea floor while searching for pieces of an interstellar meteorite.


Mystery pentagram shows up on Google Earth

12-29-2013 | 36

The perplexing symbol appeared on Google's online map of a remote region of Kazakhstan.


Man in Sri Lanka dies during failed exorcism

9-11-2013 | 23

Exorcist Maxi Castro ended up burying himself alive while trying to purge demons from a teacher's house.


'Cursed' coconut seized at Maldives election

9-8-2013 | 19

Police in the Maldives were called in to investigate the 'suspicious' coconut near a polling station.


'Goblin' killer on the run in Zimbabwe

5-29-2013 | 28

Two elderly women were poisoned after being accused of using goblins to harm local children.


Voodoo grave robberies abundant in Benin

12-4-2012 | 7

More than 100 coffins have been desecrated by grave robbers making voodoo charms from body parts.


eBay to ban sales of spells and hexes

8-19-2012 | 96

The online auction giant has announced that it will no longer permit the sale of magical items.


400-year-old witchcraft trial resumes

2-14-2012 | 37

The case of Katharina Henot who was burnt at the stake in 1627 has been re-opened this week.


Warlock allowed to break curfew on full moon

3-13-2011 | 19

A 52-year-old warlock sentenced to stay indoors has been permitted to go out on a full moon.


17th-century witch trial diary goes online

3-6-2011 | 9

A 350-year-old notebook documenting 17th century witchcraft trials in England has been put online.


World's first wizard school opens

3-4-2011 | 79

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart is headmaster of the world's only real-life school of witchcraft and wizardry.


Witches face jail for inaccurate predictions

2-11-2011 | 27

Witches in Romania could face jail time if their fortune telling predictions turn out to be incorrect.


Even witches can't catch a break

1-9-2011 | 11

Romanian witches may soon see earnings from their profession taxed, for better or worse.


Florida vampire to run for President

3-19-2010 | 93

Self proclaimed vampire Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey is hoping to be the world's first vampire President.


Ouija boards sold as "toys" - a good idea ?

2-5-2010 | 107

Ouija boards are considered by many to be something not to be dabbled with - should these really be sold in toy stores ?


Police consulted warlock over horse plaiting

12-7-2009 | 23

Police in Dorset have consulted with a warlock in an effort to unravel the mystery of horses having their manes plaited....


Occult and individuality

2-9-2009 | 2

Anthony North returns with another 'Beyond the Blog', this time he's taking a look in to the area of the occult....

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