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Billionaire announces, for the second time, plans to build the Titanic II

By T.K. Randall
March 13, 2024 · Comment icon 13 comments
The Titanic departing Southampton.
The original Titanic departing Southampton. Image Credit: Francis Godolphin Osbourne Stuart
Clive Palmer has announced his intention to fund the construction of a new Titanic for the second time in 10 years.
Almost a decade ago, the Australian billionaire businessman told journalists at a conference in London's Ritz Hotel that he was going to be building the Titanic II - a full-scale working replica of the iconic vessel that would be as close to the original as possible.

At the time, he maintained that the Titanic II would help to honor those who had died in the disaster and hoped to have the new vessel complete its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City in 2016, echoing the maiden voyage of the original Titanic which sank on 15th April, 1912.

To cut a long story short, the Titanic II inevitably failed to materialize, with all indications suggesting that the project had simply been abandoned.

Surprisingly, however, now Palmer has announced - this time from the Sydney Opera House - that he will once again be funding the construction of a new full-scale replica of the Titanic.

When asked if the announcement was a hoax, Palmer played down the idea while insisting that he possessed "enough money to build the Titanic 10 times over".
The 70-year-old blamed the pandemic for the delays in building the vessel and maintained that everyone should have faith that it will actually happen this time because he "has more money now".

"So I could do the Titanic. I'm gonna do it," he said, while implying that his greatest fear was dying without having done anything of particular note.

"It's a lot more fun to do the Titanic than it is to sit at home and count my money."

"All you need to be happy, I've found in my life, is to have someone that loves you, somewhere to sleep at night and enough for a good meal."

"Beyond that, the rest is an illusion - it's like playing golf."

Whether or not the Titanic II will actually happen this time, however, remains to be seen.

Source: The Guardian | Comments (13)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Shooter McGavin 2 months ago
Comment icon #5 Posted by Razman 2 months ago
Well if at least they put extra lifeboats on it this time.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Myles 2 months ago
I applaud him for doing this.   It'll put allot of people to work and he will have a finished product.  I'm sure added safety features will be part of it.  
Comment icon #7 Posted by sludgehammer 2 months ago
Let's hope he springs for the actual Playstation controllers and not some knockoffs
Comment icon #8 Posted by Cho Jinn 2 months ago
Hey now, $2.59 on!
Comment icon #9 Posted by The man in the tan jacket 1 month ago
Can’t wait for Titanic III!
Comment icon #10 Posted by psyche101 1 month ago
Go easy on poor old Chive Parmigiana. He's a hard working politician.  
Comment icon #11 Posted by Unusual Tournament 1 month ago
Another sizzlers of the sea, only for the rich
Comment icon #12 Posted by Myles 1 month ago
While I agree, at least he is spending his money.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Unusual Tournament 1 month ago
He promised he would build it 10 years ago. Now he is promising again. I think Clive Palmer is into promoting himself only. Let’s see

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