Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

The Moon may be 40 million years older than previously thought

10-23-2023 | 2

A new analysis of samples collected during the Apollo 17 mission has raised new questions about the age of the Moon.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists determine cause of unexpected movement on the Moon

9-12-2023 | 0

Something is producing movement on the surface of the Moon, but the explanation is probably not what you think.

Space & Astronomy

Today marks 52 years since Apollo 14 landed on the Moon

2-5-2023 | 1

Despite a few technical hiccups, the mission succeeded in further cementing America's dominance in the space race.

Space & Astronomy

First ever lunar dust samples go up for auction

4-3-2022 | 2

Samples of the lunar surface collected during the Apollo 11 mission are going up for sale and NASA is not happy.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is about to open a tube of lunar soil from 1972 for the first time

3-12-2022 | 3

The tube, which was collected by the crew of the Apollo 17 mission, has remained untouched for 50 years.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins has died

4-30-2021 | 4

Collins was one of the three astronauts who flew to the Moon during the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Space & Astronomy

Golf on the Moon: 50 years since Apollo 14

2-6-2021 | 3

Astronaut Alan Shepard's golf ball has been spotted on the Moon at last thanks to new remastered images.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 13 at 50: 'Houston, we've had a problem'

 VIDEO  4-14-2020 | 4

50 years ago, three astronauts had been on their way to the Moon when things started to go very wrong.

Science & Technology

MIT deepfakes Nixon's Moon disaster speech

 VIDEO  11-25-2019 | 6

An unsettling clip created by researchers at MIT shows Nixon announcing the failure of the Apollo 11 mission.

Space & Astronomy

NASA celebrates Apollo 11's 50th anniversary

 VIDEO  7-20-2019 | 12

Today marks exactly 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the lunar surface.


Moon landing conspiracies continue to endure

7-10-2019 | 18

The idea that the Moon landings were faked remains one of the most enduring of all conspiracy theories.

Space & Astronomy

Original Apollo 11 tapes to fetch $2 million

6-29-2019 | 5

The only surviving original recordings of the Apollo 11 Moon landing are set to go up for auction next month.

Space & Astronomy

Long-lost 'Snoopy' lunar lander finally found

6-13-2019 | 3

The lunar module that was used during the Apollo 10 Moon mission has been lost in space for over 50 years.

Space & Astronomy

NASA celebrates 50th anniversary of Apollo 10

 VIDEO  5-19-2019 | 1

50 years ago, the Apollo 10 crew flew within 9 miles of the Moon's surface a mere two months before Apollo 11.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin calls for mass migration to Mars

5-3-2019 | 50

The veteran Apollo astronaut has called on the US government to hasten its efforts to colonize Mars.


Belief in Apollo hoax conspiracy could grow

 VIDEO  4-30-2019 | 1126

NASA's former chief historian is concerned that more people will subscribe to the hoax theory as time goes on.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 14 Moon rock may have come from Earth

1-29-2019 | 20

One of the most intriguing samples retrieved by the Apollo 14 astronauts appears to be terrestrial in origin.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo astronaut: 'Mars trip would be stupid'

12-27-2018 | 12

One of the three astronauts who flew to the Moon aboard Apollo 8 has criticized efforts to land humans on Mars.


Russia mission will 'verify US Moon landings'

11-25-2018 | 74

The head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, has jokingly talked about debunking Apollo conspiracy theories.

Space & Astronomy

Lockheed Martin reveals its new lunar lander

 VIDEO  10-4-2018 | 17

The ambitious new vehicle will be twice the size of the lunar landers used during the Apollo missions.

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