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Space & Astronomy

Stolen Apollo 11 moon dust recovered

6-26-2011 | 21

NASA have managed to recover stolen moon dust from the Apollo 11 mission that was about to auctioned.

Space & Astronomy

Russian moon recording released

1-24-2011 | 26

The recording details Russia's attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon hours before Apollo 11.

Space & Astronomy

Remastered Apollo 11 footage released

10-8-2010 | 2

Digitally remastered footage of the Apollo 11 moon landings has been shown for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

Long-lost Apollo 11 footage found

9-29-2010 | 35

Long-lost footage showing Neil Armstrong descending on to the lunar surface is to be screened in Sydney.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did Buzz Aldrin see a UFO near the moon ?

1-7-2010 | 113

A Bolivian Journalist has claimed that Buzz Aldrin told him the Apollo 11 astronauts were followed by a UFO on their trip to the moon.

Space & Astronomy

Piece of historic spacecraft up for grabs

11-8-2009 | 1

A piece of Apollo 11 is expected to fetch a high price at auction, the scrap of Kapton Foil would have helped protect th...

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 11 astronauts call for mission to Mars

7-20-2009 | 17

40 years on from the first historic mission to the Moon the Apollo 11 astronauts have made a rare joint appearance in an...

Space & Astronomy

Russian probe tried to beat NASA to the moon

7-11-2009 | 0

While the Apollo 11 astronauts were getting ready to blast off from the lunar surface on their return trip home the Russ...

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