Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Natural World

New research explores the origins of the humble apple

4-14-2022 | 0

Today's apples may be large and sweet, but thousands of years ago it was a very different story.


Man finds snake on a supermarket pineapple

8-17-2017 | 6

A man in Edinburgh got the fright of his life on Tuesday when he found the reptile in his shopping.


Woman is addicted to eating kitchen sponges

10-18-2015 | 45

A 23-year-old from North Tyneside is addicted to eating sponges dipped in apple washing-up liquid.

Space & Astronomy

NASA plans to give the moon its own moon

 VIDEO  3-26-2015 | 42

Robotic grapples will be used to place a boulder from a large asteroid in to orbit around the moon.


'Loch Ness Monster' found on mobile map app

4-19-2014 | 101

The form of what looks like a huge creature in Loch Ness has been spotted on Apple's satellite maps app.


The 'papple' - is it a pear or an apple ?

5-24-2012 | 29

Experts in New Zealand have produced a new fruit that is a cross between an apple and a pear.


'Eau de MacBook Pro' perfume developed

4-21-2012 | 20

Air Aroma have released a bizarre perfume that smells like a new Apple product being opened.

Modern Mysteries

Apples rain from the sky over Coventry

12-15-2011 | 46

Locals were left perplexed as a freak shower of apples battered cars and homes on Monday night.


'Drunk moose' gets stuck in a tree

9-9-2011 | 30

A moose intoxicated by eating fermented apples was found tangled up in a tree in Sweden.

Science & Technology

The apple that never goes brown

12-6-2010 | 41

A biotechnology company has produced a genetically modified apple that doesn't go brown when sliced.

Space & Astronomy

Piece of Newton's apple tree to fly in to space

5-11-2010 | 23

In tribute to Isaac Newton a piece of the original tree from which an apple fell on his head is being flown in to space.


'White strawberry' that tastes like pineapple

3-31-2010 | 14

A peculiar new type of fruit will soon go on sale that looks like a white strawberry and tastes like pineapple.


Hovis bakes 3,300lb bread and butter pudding

10-4-2009 | 2

Hovis have entered the record books by baking a bread and butter pudding so large that it weighs more than two baby elep...

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