Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals revised risk of Bennu collision

8-12-2021 | 6

At a news conference yesterday, the space agency revealed how likely it is that the asteroid will hit us.

Space & Astronomy

Osiris-Rex heads for home with Bennu samples

5-11-2021 | 1

NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft is now on its way back to Earth with samples collected from the asteroid Bennu.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's OSIRIS-REx touches down on asteroid

10-21-2020 | 11

The space probe has successfully pulled off an ambitious landing maneuver on an asteroid 200 million miles away.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid Bennu may have had flowing water

10-10-2020 | 0

The larger space rock from which Bennu was formed may have once had water flowing across its surface.

Archaeology & History

Assyrians blamed demon 'Bennu' for epilepsy

1-5-2020 | 27

A clay tablet has been found to depict a demon that the ancient Assyrians believed was responsible for seizures.

Space & Astronomy

Bennu is spewing dust particles in to space

3-21-2019 | 1

Scientists at NASA have revealed that there is a lot more to this unassuming space rock than meets the eye.

Space & Astronomy

First close-up snaps of asteroid Bennu released

1-30-2019 | 3

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has captured detailed images of the potentially hazardous asteroid.

Space & Astronomy

Evidence of water found on asteroid Bennu

 VIDEO  12-11-2018 | 0

NASA's OSIRIS-REx probe seems to have hit the jackpot within a week of arriving at its destination.

Space & Astronomy

OSIRIS-REx probe arrives at asteroid Bennu

 VIDEO  12-3-2018 | 3

A NASA probe that launched back in 2016 has drawn up alongside an asteroid that could one day strike Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Could paint save us from a doomsday asteroid?

3-22-2018 | 13

Rather than ramming or nuking a large space rock, scientists have suggested simply covering it in paint.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission launches

9-11-2016 | 8

The $1 billion space probe is set to collect samples from an asteroid and return them to the Earth.

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