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Archaeology & History

Bronze 'fairy world' artifacts unearthed in China

7-3-2022 | 4

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of Bronze Age artifacts pertaining to a mystical alternative realm.

Archaeology & History

Bronze Age 'village elder' found at dig site

8-8-2021 | 3

Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery at an excavation site in Burwell, Cambridgeshire.


Bronze Age Brits turned bones into instruments

9-1-2020 | 6

During the Bronze Age, our ancestors would sometimes turn the bones of their relatives into musical instruments.

Archaeology & History

Mystery surrounds London's 'Havering Hoard'

10-21-2019 | 8

An 'extraordinary' cache of Bronze Age weapons found in London has left experts scratching their heads.

Archaeology & History

2,000-year-old pot contains 'elixir of immortality'

3-5-2019 | 11

Archaeologists in China have unearthed an ancient bronze vessel containing a rather curious concoction.

Archaeology & History

Antikythera shipwreck yields more treasures

10-8-2017 | 4

Divers have recovered several statue pieces and a mystery bronze disc from the 2,000-year-old shipwreck.

Archaeology & History

James Cameron finds 'evidence of Atlantis'

 VIDEO  2-1-2017 | 1064

The famed movie director has linked the discovery of bronze age anchors to the legend of Atlantis.

Science & Technology

Half of European men descended from one king

4-26-2016 | 31

A new study has revealed that half of all European men are descended from a single Bronze Age monarch.

Archaeology & History

Bronze Age find dubbed 'Britain's Pompeii'

 VIDEO  1-12-2016 | 2

Archaeologists have discovered a well-preserved Bronze Age settlement at a quarry in Cambridgeshire.

Archaeology & History

Huge hoard of 4,000 Roman coins unearthed

11-20-2015 | 7

A treasure trove of more than 4,000 bronze and silver Roman coins has been discovered in Switzerland.

Archaeology & History

Colossus of Rhodes could soon be rebuilt

 VIDEO  10-30-2015 | 36

Architects are planning to rebuild the enormous bronze statue that stood at the harbor of Rhodes.

Archaeology & History

Ancient treasure trove found in Transylvania

10-1-2015 | 12

Two large stashes of bronze weapons and jewellery dating back 2,700 years have been found in Romania.

Archaeology & History

Mummy found inside bronze Buddha statue

2-23-2015 | 15

A bronze statue dating back up to 1,000 years has been found to contain the remains of a Buddhist monk.

World of the Bizarre

Saddam Hussain's statue buttock hidden

1-20-2012 | 4

Saddam Hussain's derriere taken from the bronze statue in Iraq is now being hidden in Derby, England.

Archaeology & History

2,400 year-old soup unearthed in China

12-14-2010 | 18

Liquid found inside an ancient bronze cooking pot is believed to be a sample of 2,400 year-old soup.

Archaeology & History

Scalpels point to Bronze Age brain surgery

9-2-2010 | 9

Obsidian scalpels and cut skulls have been discovered that seem to be evidence of prehistoric brain surgery.

Archaeology & History

Bronze age shipwreck discovered

2-14-2010 | 3

An ancient bronze age shipwreck has been discovered off the coast of Devon dating back 3000 years.

Archaeology & History

4,000-year-old flowers found at grave site

12-16-2009 | 3

Proof has been found for the first time ever that pre-historic people would have placed flowers at the graves of their d...

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