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World of the Bizarre

Woman to marry a building in bizarre wedding

1-29-2012 | 25

Babylonia Aivaz is to marry an 107-year-old warehouse due to be demolished in Seattle.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious 'winged' structure discovered

1-24-2012 | 14

A new structure has been discovered in England that has no typical Roman era building characteristics.

World of the Bizarre

Man has a nail removed from his brain

1-22-2012 | 13

A man who was building a shed fired a nail in to his head and didn't even realise it was there.

Space & Astronomy

Could there be life on Pluto ?

12-28-2011 | 20

Scientists have discovered the 'building blocks of life' on the surface of the cold, distant world Pluto.

World of the Bizarre

Hotel builds entire hut out of gingerbread

12-19-2011 | 9

A hotel in China got in to the festive spirit by building a large edible hut entirely out of gingerbread.

Science & Technology

Unsung material could boost eco-building

11-16-2011 | 4

A material found in toothpaste, sunscreen, solar cells and at Wimbledon also devours air pollutants.

Modern Mysteries

What is China building in the desert ?

11-15-2011 | 73

Eagle-eyed Google Earth users have spotted strange constructions in the middle of the Chinese desert.

Modern Mysteries

Large fireball wrecks Argentine town

9-29-2011 | 55

The fireball hit the outskirts of Buenos Aires killing at least one person and damaging buildings.


DNA building blocks found in meteorites

8-10-2011 | 51

Scientists have confirmed that components of DNA have been found in meteorites from space.

Space & Astronomy

Man discovers "structure" on Mars

6-5-2011 | 591

Armchair astronomer David Martines discovered what he believes to be a building on the surface of Mars.

World of the Bizarre

Man builds Spanish cathedral out of junk

1-2-2011 | 7

An 85-year-old man in Madrid has spent 50 years building a cathedral out of recycled junk.

Science & Technology

Giant airships could carry whole buildings

10-5-2010 | 5

Australian firm Skylifter is developing an airship that could carry huge loads hundreds of miles.

Archaeology & History

Pyramid building secrets unlocked

9-29-2010 | 138

A Norwegian University researcher believes he has unlocked the key to the pyramids' construction.

Science & Technology

Spiderman wall scaling could soon be a reality

8-28-2010 | 4

Special gloves and shoes that allow the wearer to climb buildings like Spiderman are currently in development.

Archaeology & History

Britain's oldest house discovered

8-11-2010 | 6

An ancient building discovered in Britain and dating back 10,500 years is the country's oldest known house.

Space & Astronomy

Dark matter building up inside Sun ?

7-13-2010 | 114

A new study has suggested that dark matter could be building up within our own Sun.

World of the Bizarre

Labourer survives with half his head missing

6-26-2010 | 6

A 28-year-old labourer was left with half his head missing after falling 25 feet on a building site.


Giant flying dinosaur fossil found

5-11-2010 | 15

The fossil from a massive 9ft flying dinosaur with 100 razor sharp teeth has been found on a building site.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Garage 'haunted by coin-throwing ghost'

4-7-2010 | 9

A garage owner has claimed that the building he works in is haunted by a ghost that throws objects at his staff.

World of the Bizarre

Man steals tombstones to build house with

1-21-2010 | 16

A man in the Ukraine has been arrested after stealing tombstones to use them as building materials for his house.

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