Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Space & Astronomy

Photo shows enormous 'scar' stretching across the surface of Mars

7-8-2024 | 0

This huge, stunning geological feature has been captured on camera in more detail than ever before.

Nature & Environment

Why do cats tend to meow more at humans than they do at each other ?

7-5-2024 | 1

Animal behaviorist Grace Carroll takes a look at the reason why cats seem to like meowing at us.

World of the Bizarre

Puzzled motorists spot truck towing a UFO through Kennewick

6-7-2024 | 9

Heads were turned in Washington state recently when a truck was spotted towing some very peculiar cargo.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of 'object from space' found in woods may have been solved

5-29-2024 | 3

The peculiar object had been found along a remote forest track recently in Haywood County, North Carolina.

Modern Mysteries

Man discovers mysterious 'object from space' on remote forest trail

 VIDEO  5-25-2024 | 3

The peculiar object was found quite by accident along a trail in Haywood County, North Carolina.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers calculate mind-boggling spin speed of a huge black hole

5-23-2024 | 0

As if supermassive black holes weren't scary enough already, their rotational speed is absolutely mind-blowing.

The UFO Phenomenon

South Carolina's UFO Welcome Center has been destroyed in a fire

 VIDEO  5-10-2024 | 3

The notoriously peculiar tourist attraction, which was built to host aliens travelers, has been completely destroyed.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Filmmaker claims that Bigfoot may feast on the blood of wild animals

 VIDEO  4-26-2024 | 42

Bigfoot researcher and filmmaker Kelley Lockman has a theory concerning the discoveries of carcasses drained of blood.

The UFO Phenomenon

Tucker Carlson claims that UFOs are piloted by 'spiritual entities'

4-21-2024 | 189

The former Fox News host also claimed that there are UFO bases both underground and under the ocean.

Space & Astronomy

If there is alien life on Europa, we might soon know about it

4-10-2024 | 9

NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft will be carrying an instrument that may be capable of detecting signs of primitive life.

Space & Astronomy

Tardigrades in space: could they have colonized the Moon ?

3-3-2024 | 14

Back in 2019, a space probe carrying a cargo of live tardigrades crash-landed on the lunar surface.

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre experiment sees man eat raw chicken for 25 days straight

2-23-2024 | 12

The stunt, which has gone viral, has been slammed by health care professionals, but why hasn't the raw meat made him ill ?

Science & Technology

Neuralink brain chip has been implanted in a human for the first time

1-30-2024 | 17

Elon Musk's ambitious brain-computer interface startup has carried out its first ever human brain implant procedure.


Prehistoric carnivorous 'terror beast' worm fossils unearthed in Greenland

1-5-2024 | 2

Over 500 million years ago, these huge predatory worms prowled the Cambrian seas.

Modern Mysteries

Chris Carter reveals that Disney is working on a new 'X-Files' reboot

12-24-2023 | 17

The iconic 90s show introduced millions to the world of shadowy government conspiracies, UFOs and weird creatures.


DNA analysis suggests dire wolves may not have actually been wolves

12-12-2023 | 2

These huge prehistoric carnivores were long thought to be close cousins of the modern day gray wolf.


Gargantuan millipede the length of a car reconstructed for Netflix show

 VIDEO  12-3-2023 | 3

Millions of years ago, the Earth was home to some truly titanic insects including one particularly enormous millipede.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'undisclosed' payload involved in rocket's double-crater crash

11-23-2023 | 1

A new study has concluded that a Chinese rocket that crashed into the Moon in 2022 was carrying a mystery payload.

Archaeology & History

'Holy grail of shipwrecks' worth $20 billion to be raised from the seabed

11-6-2023 | 13

A 300-year-old Spanish galleon carrying enormous amounts of gold and jewels could soon see the light of day again.

Space & Astronomy

Over 30 years ago, Carl Sagan successfully detected life on Earth

10-21-2023 | 2

Sagan and his colleagues used instruments aboard the Galileo spacecraft to conduct a very important control experiment.

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