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World of the Bizarre

Gangsters launch 'cockroach attack' on eatery

5-6-2021 | 7

An unusual, yet effective form of intimidation was witnessed at a restaurant in Taiwan earlier this week.

World of the Bizarre

Woman has cockroach in her ear for nine days

5-6-2018 | 11

Her nightmarish experience began when the inquisitive insect crawled in to her ear while she was asleep in bed.

Nature & Environment

Cockroach milk: the future's health drink ?

7-26-2016 | 51

New research suggests that cockroaches produce milk that is three times more nutritious than cow's milk.

Nature & Environment

Cockroaches possess a 'turbocharged' bite

11-16-2015 | 8

The humble cockroach is able to bite something with a force 50 times greater than its own body weight.

Science & Technology

Russia unveils its new cockroach spy robot

 VIDEO  9-25-2015 | 14

The miniature surveillance robot looks just like a cockroach and can be used to spy on enemy activities.


Prehistoric insect found trapped in amber

5-3-2015 | 15

A 100 million-year-old predatory cockroach has been found perfectly preserved in a piece of amber.

Science & Technology

Are cyborg cockroaches unethical ?

10-12-2013 | 23

Neuroscientists have come under fire over the ethics of their new remote control cockroach kits.

Science & Technology

Cyborg cockroach project launched

6-11-2013 | 9

Semi-robotic insects that can be controlled with a mobile phone are being developed by researchers.

Nature & Environment

Mutant roaches evolve to avoid traps

5-25-2013 | 16

Cockroaches may be evolving the ability to avoid common traps by developing an aversion to sugar.

World of the Bizarre

Man dies after cockroach eating contest

10-9-2012 | 67

Edward Archbold collapsed and died after scoffing dozens of live insects as part of the event.

Science & Technology

Remote control cockroaches developed

9-8-2012 | 60

Cyborg cockroaches that can be remote controlled may be the future for locating earthquake survivors.

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