Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Natural World

Viral image shows fish with 'human-like teeth'

8-10-2021 | 9

This peculiar fish, which looks like it could do with a visit to the dentist, was caught in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Science & Technology

Nightmarish anti-Covid dental helmet revealed

1-13-2021 | 9

Researchers have come up with a less-than-appealing solution to visiting the dentist during the pandemic.


Woman claimed filling was 'messaging aliens'

8-14-2019 | 12

A recent incident at a dentist's office saw a woman insist that her dental filling was sending radio signals to ET.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds spate of dentist deaths

3-10-2018 | 10

The CDC has been struggling to explain a cluster of deaths all involving dentists and dental workers.

Science & Technology

Scientists find way to regrow decayed teeth

1-9-2017 | 20

Fillings could soon become a thing of the past thanks to a drug that can regrow and repair cavities.

Modern Mysteries

'Exploding teeth' case continues to perplex

3-4-2016 | 13

Back in the 19th Century a Pennsylvania dentist wrote about a bizarre and nightmarish dental phenomenon.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Dental patient developed '90-minute memory'

7-10-2015 | 7

A British soldier who went to the dentist in Germany became afflicted with a strange memory condition.

Science & Technology

Future dentists could regrow missing teeth

3-9-2013 | 14

Researchers have found a way to regrow teeth using a combination of human and mouse stem cells.

Science & Technology

'Tooth patch' developed in Japan

9-17-2012 | 7

Japanese scientists have invented a tooth coating that could revolutionize many aspects of dentistry.


Dentist plucks out her boyfriend's teeth

5-1-2012 | 52

One dentist was so angry with her ex-boyfriend after being dumped that she surgically removed his teeth.

Metaphysics & Psychology

What really scares people

10-25-2009 | 26

Most of us have an extreme fear or phobia of something, whether it be the sight of a certain eight-legged arachnid or th...

Science & Technology

Grow your own teeth

8-6-2009 | 25

In a world first scientists have succeeded in creating teeth from stem cells paving the way for a future where dentures ...

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient dentists beautified teeth with gems

5-24-2009 | 5

Thousands of teeth examined from Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology have revealed that ancient Native Americans...

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