Monday, June 17, 2024
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Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds grey squirrel found in 'impossible location'

6-8-2024 | 2

Conservationists have been left puzzled by the discovery of an invasive species of squirrel on a Scottish island.


Discovery of aliens could reignite tensions between science and religion

6-4-2024 | 50

Former MoD UFO researcher Nick Pope has commented on the potential societal consequences of finding aliens.

Archaeology & History

Translation of mystery stone slab yields surprising discovery

5-25-2024 | 18

Efforts to determine what was inscribed upon the stone, which was found in a man's patio, had proven challenging.

Modern Mysteries

Girl's claim of a 'monster' in her bedroom leads to horrifying discovery

5-3-2024 | 2

After initially dismissing her claims as mere imagination, her parents soon realized that she wasn't making things up.

Archaeology & History

Tales of mysterious 'giants' still haunt Nevada's Lovelock Cave

4-5-2024 | 15

For years, archaeologists have remained divided over the discovery of alleged giant skeletons and artifacts.

Modern Mysteries

Workers discover three human skulls while laying foundation for new home

3-15-2024 | 6

The grisly discovery was made by construction crews working at a building site in Narrumson Road, New Jersey.

Space & Astronomy

Black hole discovery could force us to rethink how galaxies form

2-27-2024 | 1

Astronomers recently made the fascinating discovery of the brightest and fastest growing quasar ever seen.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery as disembodied human leg found on New York City subway

2-22-2024 | 4

The grisly and unnerving discovery left local authorities scratching their heads.

Nature & Environment

Scientists discover weird black eggs 3.7 miles beneath the ocean's surface

2-8-2024 | 1

The discovery provides further proof of life's ability to thrive in extremely deep, high-pressure environments.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers report discovery of a distant object that defies explanation

 VIDEO  1-20-2024 | 2

The international team of astronomers describe their intriguing discovery and explore what it could be.


Has the James Webb Space Telescope found evidence of alien life ?

1-17-2024 | 38

For a while now, rumors have circulated about the discovery of an exoplanet with strong signs of life.

Modern Mysteries

Police stumped by discovery of old wrecked plane in Canadian wilderness

11-19-2023 | 5

The enigma was first brought to light when a hunter found what appeared to be a crashed plane in British Columbia.


New discovery adds weight to possibility of life on Europa

9-24-2023 | 12

Scientists have discovered the presence of one of the most crucial ingredients for life on Jupiter's icy moon.

Archaeology & History

World's oldest wooden structure unearthed in Zambia

9-24-2023 | 0

The discovery marks the oldest known evidence of wood logs being crafted and joined together to create a structure.

Space & Astronomy

Sulfur on the Moon opens the doors for lunar science and exploration

9-23-2023 | 31

Physicist Jeffrey Gillis-Davis takes a look at what Chandrayaan-3's discovery could mean for future missions to the Moon.


Possible hints of alien life found on K2-18b - how excited should we be ?

9-18-2023 | 14

The James Webb Space Telescope's latest discovery is significant, but have we really found life on an alien world ?

Science & Technology

World's largest lithium deposit found in extinct supervolcano

9-11-2023 | 6

The discovery - the largest of its kind ever made - could provide the world with enough lithium to build batteries for decades.

Archaeology & History

3,000-year-old remains of a priest unearthed in Peru

8-28-2023 | 1

Archaeologists have revealed the discovery of a unique and fascinating tomb in northern Peru.

Archaeology & History

Researchers find evidence of curry dating back almost 2,000 years

7-24-2023 | 4

The team at Australian National University describe their discovery, how it came about and what it could mean.


How likely is it that Avi Loeb has found evidence of alien technology ?

7-9-2023 | 24

A planetary scientist takes a closer look at Loeb's discovery of 'anomalous' spherules and what they could be.

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