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Ghosts & Hauntings

Paranormal investigators capture image of 'entity' at Galway fairy fort

12-2-2023 | 16

The ghost hunters, who had been investigating 'strange activity' at the site, believe that the image shows evidence of the paranormal.

Modern Mysteries

Fairy circles are cropping up everywhere and nobody knows why

9-29-2023 | 13

These mysterious circular-shaped patches of ground are starting to appear at sites all over the world.

Nature & Environment

Aboriginal knowledge upends debate on mysterious fairy circles

4-11-2023 | 5

The original inhabitants of Australia have much to teach modern scientists about the nature of this intriguing phenomenon.

Science & Technology

Scientists create incredible light-powered 'fairy' robot

 VIDEO  2-2-2023 | 6

This remarkable new robot was inspired by dandelion seeds and requires only a light source to power it up.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Woman heard 'fairy' laughter while lost in the woods in Ireland

9-24-2022 | 49

What started out as a relaxing woodland stroll soon turned into a terrifying ordeal for one woman from Meath, Ireland.

Archaeology & History

Bronze 'fairy world' artifacts unearthed in China

7-3-2022 | 4

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of Bronze Age artifacts pertaining to a mystical alternative realm.

World of the Bizarre

'Fairy whisperers' offer up video evidence

 VIDEO  6-3-2019 | 95

A trio of self-proclaimed 'fairy whisperers' recently appeared on popular British TV show 'This Morning'.

Modern Mysteries

Namibia fairy circle mystery solved at last ?

1-19-2017 | 8

Ecologists believe that they may have finally solved the mystery behind Namibia's mysterious circles.

Modern Mysteries

Are termites responsible for 'fairy circles'?

9-9-2016 | 9

These mysterious circular, grass-ringed patches are still leaving scientists scratching their heads.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious 'fairy circles' found in Australia

 VIDEO  3-15-2016 | 14

Strange circular, grass-ringed patches have been discovered over hundreds of square kilometers.

Archaeology & History

Some fairy stories could be 'as old as time'

1-22-2016 | 8

Popular fairy stories such as 'Beauty and the Beast' could actually be thousands of years old.

World of the Bizarre

'Fairy doors' out of control in Wayford Woods

3-5-2015 | 14

An appeal has been launched asking visitors not to screw small wooden doors in to the bottom of trees.

Modern Mysteries

'Fairy circles' termite explanation debunked

5-24-2014 | 30

The mysterious circles of the Namibian grasslands don't appear to have been caused by termites after all.

Modern Mysteries

'Fairy circles' mystery solved

3-30-2013 | 17

Mysterious grassless rings appearing in the South African desert are believed to be made by termites.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery 'fairy circles' stump scientists

6-30-2012 | 28

Nobody is able to explain the strange, bare circular patches that appear in the Nimibian grasslands.

Nature & Environment

Tiny penguins turn blue

2-15-2011 | 13

Scientists have discovered a special protein in fairy penguins that turns their feathers blue.

World of the Bizarre

Horror film fans fairytale 'zombie wedding'

10-28-2010 | 7

A bride and groom exchanged vows while dressed as zombies in an unusual undead themed wedding.

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