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Science & Technology

Fingerprints are not all unique, new AI-based study finds

1-15-2024 | 2

The findings could one day help to solve cold criminal cases and to acquit innocent people.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers detect signal from the first stars

 VIDEO  2-28-2018 | 5

A table-sized antenna has picked up the fingerprints of the first ever stars to emerge after the Big Bang.

Science & Technology

Can your fingerprints be stolen from a photo?

1-14-2017 | 6

Researchers in Japan have warned that it is now much easier for thieves to acquire your fingerprints.

Science & Technology

Are your fingerprints truly unique ?

4-22-2014 | 15

Fingerprints are often used to identify criminals, but does everyone really have a unique fingerprint ?

Science & Technology

Glowing tags to reveal hidden fingerprints

7-4-2013 | 2

Scientists have developed a new way to retrieve a greater number of fingerprints from crime scenes.

World of the Bizarre

Armless man refused visa

5-7-2013 | 31

An armless artist was refused entry in to the UK because he wasn't able to provide fingerprints.

Science & Technology

Biometric fingerprint purchasing tested

2-26-2013 | 14

A state college in South Dakota is trialling a new high-tech way to purchase goods using fingerprints.

Space & Astronomy

Herschel 'fingerprints' the biggest star

11-28-2009 |

The European Space Agency's new orbital space telescope has observed the death throes of the largest star known to scien...

Science & Technology

Fingerprint grip theory rejected

6-14-2009 | 1

The theory that fingerprints developed in order to improve grip by increasing friction between a person's hand and an ob...

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