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World of the Bizarre

Sri Lankan village pelted by fish rain

5-8-2014 | 9

Villagers in the district of Chilaw were perplexed when small fish started to rain down from above.

Modern Mysteries

Why do animals sometimes rain from the sky ?

4-16-2014 | 36

Stories of frogs, fish and other creatures falling from the sky like rain have been told for centuries.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Expedition in 'no doubt' over live thylacines

11-13-2013 | 51

A team from the Centre for Fortean Zoology is in Tasmania hunting for signs of the 'extinct' thylacine.

Modern Mysteries

Legends revisited - the day it rained blood

10-11-2013 | 14

Fortean events involving strange things raining down from the skies have been reported for centuries.

World of the Bizarre

Worms rain from the sky over Scotland

4-8-2011 | 28

In an unusual Fortean event pupils at a Scottish school encountered worms raining down from the sky.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Expedition sights Orang Pendek in Sumatra

10-1-2009 | 30

A team from the Centre for Fortean Zoology have returned from a two-week expedition to Sumatra in search of Orang Pendek...

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Crypto team to hunt down orang-pendek

9-10-2009 | 4

A team from the Centre for Fortean Zoology is about to embark on an expedition to the jungles of Sumatra in an effort to...

Modern Mysteries

Fortean author John Keel dies aged 79

7-8-2009 | 6

Noted journalist, writer and author of The Mothman Prophecies John Keel has died aged 79 from heart failure. Keel was on...

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Peru "giant snake" pictures released

6-13-2009 | 34

Cryptozoology Jon Downes takes a look at photographs sent to the Center for Fortean Zoology from a recent expedition in ...

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