Saturday, December 9, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

Man flies through the air after jumping into powerful water fountain

8-30-2023 | 22

A man from Switzerland decided to see what would happen if he put his head into one of the world's most powerful fountains.

World of the Bizarre

Security robot drowns itself in a fountain

7-18-2017 | 32

A new security robot brought in to help monitor an office in Washington DC ended up committing suicide.

World of the Bizarre

Italian town unveils working wine fountain

 VIDEO  10-21-2016 | 4

Installed in Ortona, Abruzzo, the fountain offers an inexhaustible supply of wine to thirsty visitors.

Science & Technology

Is it possible to heal like Wolverine ?

11-14-2013 | 8

Superhuman healing could one day be possible thanks to the discovery of the 'fountain of youth' gene.

Archaeology & History

Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth

5-26-2013 | 25

Did the Spanish explorer really go searching for the fabled fountain or was this nothing but a myth ?

Science & Technology

Fountain of youth pill within 2 years ?

9-26-2010 | 42

A Russian scientist claims to have developed an eternal youth pill that will be available within 2 years.

Science & Technology

Henry VIII's 12ft wine fountain recreated

4-30-2010 | 3

A working replica of Henry VIII's extragavant 12ft-tall wine fountain has been constructed at Hampton Court Palace.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayan fountain discovered

3-15-2010 | 7

A Mayan built conduit designed to deliver pressurised water has been unearthed at Palenque in southern Mexico.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayans mastered water pressure

12-26-2009 | 7

The ancient Mayans may have been a lot more advanced in the area of running water than previously thought, scientists be...

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