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Ghosts & Hauntings

Chair moves on its own in 'haunted' Welsh pub

 VIDEO  9-8-2021 | 17

Recently released footage from the Lansdowne Pub in Cardiff shows a piece of furniture with a mind of its own.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Thrift store warns buyers of 'haunted' furniture

3-15-2019 | 14

A Thrift store in North Carolina recently posted up a warning notice about a bedroom suite's haunted past.

World of the Bizarre

Pregnant woman eats furniture polish

7-18-2011 | 25

A pregnant woman has been diagnosed with a rare eating disorder that has her craving furniture polish.

Modern Mysteries

Three-year-old is super-strong

4-3-2009 | 12

Three-year-old Liam Hoekstra is unlike other kids his age, he suffers from a rare genetic condition that gives him enlar...

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