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World of the Bizarre

Newly rebuilt world's longest car is now even longer

 VIDEO  3-21-2022 | 5

This ridiculously long limo comes complete with a swimming pool, mini-golf course and even a helicopter pad.

Space & Astronomy

Golf on the Moon: 50 years since Apollo 14

2-6-2021 | 3

Astronaut Alan Shepard's golf ball has been spotted on the Moon at last thanks to new remastered images.

World of the Bizarre

Millennium Falcon spotted in a field in Surrey

 VIDEO  11-8-2017 | 10

Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans have spotted the iconic spacecraft sitting under a tarp near a golf club.

Nature & Environment

Giant alligator filmed walking on golf course

 VIDEO  5-31-2016 | 87

The massive reptile took golfers completely by surprise as it casually strolled towards a nearby lake.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO spotted during PGA golf tournament

 VIDEO  5-23-2015 | 34

An unidentified object was caught on camera during a golfing event in Florida earlier this month.

World of the Bizarre

Giant hailstones pelt beachgoers in Siberia

 VIDEO  7-15-2014 | 27

Swimmers and sunbathers ran for cover as huge chunks of ice the size of golf balls rained down on them.

World of the Bizarre

Shark drops from sky over golf course

10-28-2012 | 30

A live shark mysteriously fell from the sky over a golf course located four miles from the sea.


Does ancient oyster contain huge pearl ?

6-8-2012 | 14

An ancient oyster ten times larger than its modern counterparts could contain a golf ball sized pearl.

World of the Bizarre

Killer sharks invade golf course

10-11-2011 | 11

When playing golf at a course in Brisbane, Australia, sand traps are the least of your worries.

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