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Iceman Otzi's last meal finally determined

6-24-2011 | 18

Otzi the iceman has been the subject of research and study since his discovery in a glacier in 1991.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Former policeman has encounter with big cat

1-30-2011 | 28

Michael Disney came across a large black cat as it crossed the road in front of his car in Wales.

The UFO Phenomenon

Former policeman recalls UFO sighting

7-7-2010 | 2

A former police officer has revealed his encounter with a UFO that took place in July last year.

The UFO Phenomenon

British policeman wins UFO investigation award

5-22-2010 | 8

Gary Heseltine has won the 2010 Disclosures Award for his database of UFO sightings by British police officers.

The UFO Phenomenon

Socorro UFO witness Zamora dies

11-7-2009 | 2

Policeman Lonnie Zamora, a witness to one of the most well known UFO incidents, the Socorro incident of 1964, has died o...


Police officer sees "aliens" at crop circle

10-22-2009 | 78

In a bizarre case that occured earlier this year a policeman in Wiltshire contacted UFO experts after claiming to have s...

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the Zamora UFO incident a hoax ?

9-25-2009 | 9

One of the world's most well known UFO incidents is now believed to be a hoax. The "Zamora Incident" involved a policema...

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