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New study suggests that Otzi the Iceman wasn't who we thought he was

8-23-2023 | 8

Researchers have determined that previous findings concerning the Iceman's ancestry were likely to be wrong.


Mysteries revisited: the abduction of policeman Alan Godfrey

6-3-2023 | 5

An encounter with alleged extraterrestrial visitors drew extensive media attention in England back in 1980.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysteries revisited: the 1980 Todmorden UFO incident

3-17-2023 | 6

Over 40 years ago, a British policeman encountered something that would stick with him for the rest of his days.

Science & Technology

Are cold showers really as good for you as Wim Hof claims ?

4-25-2022 | 5

Dutch 'Iceman' Wim Hof has mastered the cold - but can his technique really work for everyone ?

The UFO Phenomenon

'UFO death riddle' cop was hounded by 'government agent'

12-1-2021 | 8

When British policeman Alan Godfrey encountered a UFO 41 years ago, it would change his life forever.

World of the Bizarre

'Iceman' is buried in snow for 13 minutes

 VIDEO  2-14-2020 | 4

Daredevil Oleg Rezanov's most recent stunt saw him being buried in snow with no protective clothing.

The UFO Phenomenon

US serviceman opens up about Rendlesham

7-29-2019 | 214

A US veteran who was stationed at RAF Bentwaters has spoken out about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.

Modern Mysteries

Plane wreck could solve 50-year-old mystery

12-31-2018 | 7

The wreck of a WWII plane found in the English Channel could help to explain what happened to a US serviceman.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Iceman' Wim Hof undergoes new brain scans

 VIDEO  3-2-2018 | 11

The 58-year-old's extreme resistance to freezing temperatures has seen him break multiple world records.


Was British policeman abducted by aliens ?

11-26-2015 | 32

Former police officer Alan Godfry had a close encounter with a UFO while on patrol back in November 1980.


Otzi the Iceman yields world's oldest blood

5-6-2015 | 24

Scientists have succeeded in identifying red blood cells inside a man frozen in ice for over 5,000 years.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Minnesota Iceman resurfaces after 50 years

7-1-2013 | 34

A Bigfoot encased in a block of ice that disappeared decades ago has allegedly been rediscovered.


Roswell guard ordered to 'shoot to kill'

4-19-2013 | 197

A serviceman tasked with guarding the Roswell debris was ordered to shoot anyone who tried to get near.


Policeman photographs 'transparent being'

 VIDEO  1-4-2013 | 88

A UFO group in Taiwan is attempting to authenticate an image taken at a hiking site by a policeman.

The UFO Phenomenon

Police officer reports UFO sighting

12-18-2012 | 14

A policeman has reported seeing a UFO moving at supersonic speeds while he was off duty in Birmingham.

Archaeology & History

Otzi the iceman was native to Central Europe

11-13-2012 | 10

New findings have shown that Otzi was very much like other Stone Age farmers found throughout Europe.

World of the Bizarre

Crime reducing cardboard policeman is stolen

9-29-2012 | 22

A cardboard policemen designed to stop people stealing from a supermarket has itself been stolen.

World of the Bizarre

Man drives off with policeman on front of car

 VIDEO  6-11-2012 | 13

A man in China has been jailed after he drove off with a policeman clinging to the front of his car.

Science & Technology

DNA reveals secrets of Oetzi the Iceman

3-1-2012 | 10

Scientists have been investigating what some are calling the world's oldest ever murder case.

The UFO Phenomenon

Military veteran reports "boomerang" UFO

10-23-2011 | 26

A military serviceman witnessed a dark boomerang shaped object in the sky with 15 to 20 white lights.

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