Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

Fossil licking and zombie spiders among 2023's Ig Nobel Prize winners

 VIDEO  9-15-2023 | 3

The annual ceremony celebrates some of the strangest science projects imaginable.

World of the Bizarre

Constipated scorpions among subjects of this year's Ig Nobel Prize winners

 VIDEO  9-19-2022 | 3

The alternative science awards are given to peculiar research projects which make people 'laugh... then think'.

Science & Technology

2021 Ig Nobel Prize celebrates weird science

9-18-2021 | 0

For the second year running, this traditional celebration of science's most peculiar projects took place online.

Science & Technology

Weird science projects gain Ig Nobel Prize

9-19-2020 | 2

Some of this year's most bizarre science projects were recognized at an online ceremony this week.

Science & Technology

This year's Ig Nobel Prize winners announced

 VIDEO  9-23-2016 | 0

It's time once again to recognize some of the most unique and peculiar research projects ever undertaken.

Science & Technology

Weird science projects receive Ig Nobel Prize

9-18-2015 | 1

Some of the most bizarre scientific pursuits were recognized this week with the coveted Ig Nobel Prize.

World of the Bizarre

This year's Ig Nobel Prize winners announced

9-22-2014 | 5

Every year some of the most weird and trivial research projects are recognized with a special prize.

Science & Technology

Speech jamming device wins Ig Nobel Prize

9-23-2012 | 16

Two Japanese researchers have invented a device that can stop even the most ardent chatterbox.

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre achievements win Ig Nobel prizes

10-3-2009 | 9

A number of unusual achievements have been honoured with this year's Ig Nobel prize including a designer who invented a ...

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