Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Metaphysics & Psychology

1% of the population cannot mentally visualize anything at all

3-1-2023 | 10

Most of us take it for granted that we can imagine things in our mind, but some people literally have no imagination whatsoever.

Science & Technology

How and why did we evolve the ability to use our imagination ?

2-26-2023 | 6

Neuroscientist Andrey Vyshedskiy takes a look at the evolutionary history of our ability to imagine things.

Space & Astronomy

Chris Hadfield bids farewall to ISS

 VIDEO  5-14-2013 | 10

With 800,000 Twitter followers astronaut Chris Hadfield managed to capture the world's imagination.


What might alien life forms look like ?

7-7-2012 | 85

How far can our imagination take us when it comes to envisaging extraterrestrial life forms ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Were Washington UFOs caused by weather ?

7-14-2011 | 13

Back in July 1952 a wave of sightings over Washington D.C. gripped the nation's imaginations.

Science & Technology

'Naked' scanner in airport trial

10-15-2009 | 13

A new scanner is being trialled at Manchester Airport that is able to produce "naked" images of passengers in order to r...

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