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Avi Loeb claims that there may be a second interstellar object on Earth

By T.K. Randall
September 24, 2022 · Comment icon 10 comments

Are we being visited by objects from beyond our solar system ? Image Credit: Willgard / Pixabay
Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb and colleague Amir Siraj believe that they have identified another interstellar visitor.
Loeb has certainly made a name for himself in recent years as a proponent of the idea that interstellar objects such as 'Oumuamua - which was detected back in 2017 - could be artificially constructed.

When it was revealed earlier this year by the US Space Command (USSC) that a fast-moving fireball, which exploded over Papua New Guinea 8 years ago, actually originated from outside our solar system, Loeb was quick to suggest that this was another potential example of alien technology.

The object, which was thought to have come down in the Pacific ocean, appeared to exhibit an unusual level of robustness not consistent with ordinary meteorites.

This led him to launch a $1.5 million effort to try and locate the surviving fragments on the ocean floor.

Now, though, Loeb and astrophysicist Amir Siraj believe that they have identified yet another interstellar object that exploded off the coast of Portugal back in 2017.
What's more, this second object appears to be just as abnormally robust as the first one.

"We don't have a large enough sample to say how much stronger interstellar objects are than solar system objects, but we can say that they are stronger," Siraj told Vice in an email.

"The odds of randomly drawing two objects in the top 3 out of 273 is 1 in 10 thousand."

"And when we look at the specific numbers relative to the distribution of objects, we find that the Gaussian odds are more like 1 in a million."

While Loeb maintains that these objects - which are likely lying at the bottom of the sea - could be pieces of alien technology, it's also possible that they could be remnants of a supernova explosion.

Whatever the case, it will take finding one and examining it directly to know for sure.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Abramelin 2 years ago
If it's alien craft, they sure are terrible pilots!
Comment icon #2 Posted by jethrofloyd 2 years ago
This man seems desperat to find something interstelar. Good luck to him.
Comment icon #3 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
Comment icon #4 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy 2 years ago
An interstellar object just means that it comes from outside the solar system. There is nothing particularly special about that.
Comment icon #5 Posted by badeskov 2 years ago
Well, my old friend. I would find it rather spectacular and rather annoying if it hit me (well, depending on the size of it).  
Comment icon #6 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus 2 years ago
but how does he know all this? I mean, hey in 2017 a meteorite fell in this and that location, it was so big and so heavy and by unknown material and was Alien. How does he know?????
Comment icon #7 Posted by Chaldon 2 years ago
There's a very comprehensive interview with Dr. Loeb by DisInfluence, if anyone missed it:  
Comment icon #8 Posted by Hyperionxvii 2 years ago
This is what happens when you become irrelevant, you get so desperate for attention that you start looking for aliens. Sad, really.
Comment icon #9 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
It only took him ten minutes to compare himself to Galileo and then he makes a huge jump in logic to conclude that Oumuamua is artificial. He believes the only question remaining is "Who built it?" And he claims he's the only one following the scientific method! He mocks scientists attempting to explain interesting characteristics of Oumuamua with natural explanations when an artificial explanation answers everything, then he says these scientists are like "cave dwellers finding a cell phone". He grins from ear to ear when he says they're all mad fools because their theories were wrong. Of cou... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by qxcontinuum 1 year ago
The chances to be artificial are still 50% / 50% until proven otherwise ....  

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