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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Modern Mysteries

Mystery illness hospitalizes 200 people in India

12-7-2020 | 12

At least one person has died and many dozens left severely ill by a mystery outbreak in Eluru, India.

Modern Mysteries

Has the metal monoliths mystery been solved ?

12-5-2020 | 10

An art group has come forward to claim responsibility for creating the Utah and California monoliths.

Modern Mysteries

A third monolith has shown up in California

12-3-2020 | 28

The ongoing mystery of the metallic monoliths appearing around the world is showing no signs of slowing down.

Modern Mysteries

Another monolith has turned up in Romania

 VIDEO  12-1-2020 | 24

The mystery of the '2001' monoliths has deepened after another one has appeared half way across the world.


'Creature' blamed for mystery bridge deaths

11-28-2020 | 6

A prophet is investigating a series of deaths attributed to a mysterious creature at a bridge in Zimbabwe.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery '2001' monolith found in Utah desert

 VIDEO  11-24-2020 | 111

A real-life version of the monolith from '2001: A Space Odyssey' has shown up in the middle of nowhere.


Another mystery sonar hit spotted in Loch Ness

11-5-2020 | 15

Further evidence of a large creature has been picked up by Cruise Loch Ness director Ronald Mackenzie.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery stone formation found in Great Lakes

10-16-2020 | 3

A team of researchers has discovered a mysterious stone formation beneath the Straits of Mackinac.

Modern Mysteries

LAX 'jetpack' mystery deepens further still

10-15-2020 | 13

For the second time, pilots have witnessed a 'jetpack' flying at altitude over Los Angeles International Airport.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery spy boat washes up on Scottish isle

10-7-2020 | 8

Scotland's coastguard has been attempting to solve the mystery of a spy boat found on the remote Isle of Tiree.


Mystery object picked up by sonar in Loch Ness

10-6-2020 | 18

Cruise Loch Ness director Ronald Mackenzie captured the sonar image while out on the loch last Wednesday.

Modern Mysteries

Mysteries revisited: the Solway Firth Spaceman

10-5-2020 | 19

A photograph taken during a family day out in 1964 would go on to spawn a decades-long mystery.

Natural World

Scientists solve mass elephant deaths mystery

9-24-2020 | 8

Hundreds of elephants have been mysteriously dying in Botswana and scientists have finally figured out why.

Natural World

Mystery as lone python suddenly lays eggs

9-12-2020 | 40

An elderly female snake that hasn't been near a male in 15 years has inexplicably laid a clutch of eggs.

Modern Mysteries

Case of mystery body reopened 41 years on

9-6-2020 | 4

Experts are attempting to solve the mystery of an unidentified man who washed up on the Isles of Scilly.


Japan's Bigfoot mystery endures 50 years on

8-13-2020 | 4

Japan's answer to the legendary cryptid was first sighted during a mountain drive one night 50 years ago.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery seeds start turning up worldwide

 VIDEO  8-2-2020 | 80

Packets of unidentified seeds have been turning up, not just in the US, but also in Europe, Canada and the UK.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery seeds sent to random US households

7-27-2020 | 80

Authorities in three states are investigating why people have been receiving mystery seed packets from China.

Space & Astronomy

Four mystery objects spotted far out in space

7-13-2020 | 15

Astronomers have discovered a number of peculiar ring-shaped 'islands' unlike anything ever seen before.

Space & Astronomy

Moon 'gel' mystery has finally been solved

7-9-2020 | 3

Scientists have revealed what the mysterious gel-like substance found on the lunar surface actually is.

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