Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Science & Technology

Scientists unlock the secrets of pareidolia

7-7-2021 | 2

From Bigfoot on the Moon to the face of Jesus in a piece of toast - why do we see faces where none exist ?

World of the Bizarre

Beaker the Muppet has been spotted on Mars

8-17-2018 | 11

NASA has posted up an amusing example of pareidolia found in a photograph taken using its HiRISE camera.

World of the Bizarre

Anomaly hunters spot 'spoon' in Mars picture

9-2-2015 | 44

The latest in a long line of anomalous objects spotted in Mars photographs is a floating wooden spoon.

World of the Bizarre

'Human woman' turns up in Mars rover image

8-9-2015 | 42

Eagle-eyed anomaly hunters have spotted something that looks like a human figure on the surface of Mars.

World of the Bizarre

'Giant crab' photographed by Mars rover

8-5-2015 | 175

A new image of a rocky outcrop on the surface of Mars shows what looks like a large crab-like creature.

World of the Bizarre

Rock shaped like Obama spotted on Mars

12-6-2014 | 56

The US President's likeness was picked up in a photograph taken by the Spirit rover over 9 years ago.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Why do we see faces where none exist ?

5-10-2014 | 29

Pareidolia is a phenomenon that can make us see faces and other meaningful shapes in abstract patterns.

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