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Modern Mysteries

Mystery as freezer full of dead pigeons is found dumped in an alley

11-10-2022 | 2

The gruesome discovery was recently made in an unassuming residential neighborhood of Darlington, County Durham.

Nature & Environment

Mauritius pink pigeons brought back from edge of extinction

5-16-2022 | 0

The remarkable success story saw the population grow from a mere 10 individuals in 1991 to over 400 today.

Nature & Environment

Meet one of the world's weirdest looking birds

 VIDEO  4-1-2022 | 2

An obscure breed of pigeon from Budapest is certainly one of the most peculiar birds you are likely to see.

Nature & Environment

Killer pigeons and dog-sized mantises could be in Earth's future

11-1-2021 | 5

Biologists have been imagining what evolution may bring one million years from now.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as thousands of pigeons disappear

6-29-2021 | 8

Many thousands of racing pigeons have disappeared without a trace after setting off from Peterborough.

World of the Bizarre

Pakistani 'spy' pigeon is captured by police

5-29-2020 | 13

A pigeon carrying a 'coded message' was recently captured by authorities in India on suspicion of spying.

World of the Bizarre

Group releases pigeons wearing MAGA hats

 VIDEO  2-20-2020 | 19

Eyebrows were raised in Las Vegas this week thanks to reports of pigeons wearing politically motivated headwear.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery as pigeon spotted wearing a sombrero

1-19-2020 | 13

Last month it was pigeons wearing cowboy hats - now it's pigeons wearing sombreros. But who is responsible ?

World of the Bizarre

Pigeons spotted wearing tiny cowboy hats

 VIDEO  12-12-2019 | 13

Efforts are underway to track down who is responsible for affixing small hats to the heads of pigeons in Las Vegas.

Modern Mysteries

Spate of UK pigeon deaths declared a mystery

10-12-2019 | 8

Authorities investigating a spate of mystery bird deaths have been unable to come up with an explanation.

World of the Bizarre

Pigeon makes its nest inside woman's kitchen

4-23-2017 | 9

When Genevieve Roman returned to her apartment recently she discovered that she had a new roommate.

World of the Bizarre

Pigeons in China subjected to cavity searches

10-3-2014 | 20

Chinese security officials this week inspected 10,000 pigeons for signs of explosive devices.

Nature & Environment

Racing pigeons mysteriously disappearing

8-26-2012 | 16

Racing pigeons are allegedly vanishing without a trace during routine flights in parts of the UK.

Nature & Environment

Pigeons' sixth sense eludes scientists

4-13-2012 | 8

It still isn't clear how pigeons are able to detect magnetic fields to help them navigate when flying.


Pigeon held in India on suspicion of spying

6-3-2010 | 30

A pigeon is being held under armed guard in India on suspicion of being on a secret spying mission for Pakistan.

World of the Bizarre

Man caught smuggling pigeons in his trousers

2-4-2009 | 18

An Australian man was caught attempting a novel way in which to smuggle pigeons in to the country, when searched he was ...

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