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Spate of UK pigeon deaths declared a mystery

By T.K. Randall
October 12, 2019 · Comment icon 8 comments

Nobody seems to know what killed the pigeons. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.5 DemonTraitor
Authorities investigating a spate of mystery bird deaths have been unable to come up with an explanation.
The phenomenon was first reported in the city of Wells, England back in the summer when dozens of pigeons started to fall dead from the sky for no apparent reason.

One of the birds was even reported to have fallen on a woman who was carrying a cup of coffee.

Now following an official investigation into the mystery, authorities have revealed that they have been ultimately unsuccessful in determining what was killing the birds.
For a while it had been thought that, due to the lack of any apparent injury or disease, the most likely explanation was that the pigeons had been poisoned by pesticide exposure, however even this appears to have not been the case.

"It is concerning that there is still no clearly defined cause for the death of so many pigeons in our small city," said former Wells mayor, councillor Celia Wride.

"I read an article the other day in which a local resident pointed out that there seemed to be a lack of a 'dawn chorus' these days as well. It is a worrying time for our wildlife."

The search for answers continues.

Source: Bristol Post | Comments (8)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Jon the frog 4 years ago
Maybe a cyanide†poisoning. Group of pigeon passing trough industrial smoke could be an explanation. Smoke inhalation during the burning of common substances such as rubber, plastic, and silk can create cyanide fumes and cause cyanide poisoning. Birds are quite sensible to toxin in the air, it's why they used†canaries in coal mines to detect carbon monoxide and other toxic gases before they hurt humans.
Comment icon #2 Posted by pallidin 4 years ago
Barring†another explanation, I have to side with Jon the frog on this one.
Comment icon #3 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
The story didnt go much into tests to decreased birds to rule in or rule out possible causes, In addition to all kinds of natural things like "toxins" i recall a case where fireworks were freaking out a type bird enough to kill them, These sad weird cases were masses of fish, birds what have you die always seem so weird but end up prosaic and still weird. †
Comment icon #4 Posted by Pettytalk 4 years ago
Stool pigeons have been known to die mysteriously.
Comment icon #5 Posted by kel_kel 4 years ago
I just want to know if she finished that cuppa coffee.
Comment icon #6 Posted by and then 4 years ago
Squab, anyone?††
Comment icon #7 Posted by Davros of Skaro 4 years ago
Well I learned a new word today.
Comment icon #8 Posted by ocpaul20 4 years ago
My theory which is really out-there is that the pigeons were flying about in a flock as they often do, and they ran into a cloaked craft. How about that for an "out-there" suggestion? I think it is a possibility because the military are in the process of developing cloaking technology by projecting what is behind an object onto the front of the object - making it appear as if there is no object there. You often hear of birds falling from the sky and most of them have their necks broken or internal bleeding which is consistent with this type of collision with a hard stationary object. I think t... [More]

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