Friday, February 3, 2023
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40% of the world's population believes in witches, study claims

11-24-2022 | 21

Belief in witches and witchcraft is so widespread that in some countries as many as 9 in 10 people believe in them.

Science & Technology

8 billion people: how evolution has made our species so successful

11-20-2022 | 9

Humans have dominated the planet in a way no other life form has ever done - but for how long is this sustainable ?

Nature & Environment

Mauritius pink pigeons brought back from edge of extinction

5-16-2022 | 0

The remarkable success story saw the population grow from a mere 10 individuals in 1991 to over 400 today.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious town in Japan is obsessed with UFOs and aliens

 VIDEO  1-17-2022 | 15

With a population of just 1,900, the small and curious town of Iino lies just outside of Fukushima city.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Tracker: UK has 'viable population' of big cats

10-12-2020 | 17

One of the UK's top big cat trackers believes that there is a viable, breeding population of exotic cats in the wild.

Nature & Environment

'Murder hornets' have reportedly entered the US

 VIDEO  5-3-2020 | 44

An invasive species of giant hornet has the potential to devastate honey bee populations, experts have warned.

Nature & Environment

Gorillas may also be susceptible to coronavirus

3-30-2020 | 8

Researchers have warned that COVID-19 may pose a serious risk to endangered gorilla populations in Africa.


Early humans interbred with 'ghost population'

2-13-2020 | 17

A new study has revealed that our ancestors mated with a mysterious unknown population of ancient humans.


Mammoths survived until just 4,000 years ago

10-10-2019 | 20

A population of woolly mammoths still roamed the Earth at the time the Egyptian pyramids were being built.

Nature & Environment

'Miracle' as bees survive Notre Dame blaze

 VIDEO  4-20-2019 | 8

Three hives containing a population of over 180,000 bees were left unscathed by this week's devastating fire.

Nature & Environment

Insect decline could cause 'collapse of nature'

2-11-2019 | 14

A new comprehensive review has highlighted a worrying decline in insect populations across the world.

Nature & Environment

Gorillas are starting to develop webbed feet

12-30-2018 | 6

An ever-shrinking gene pool due to population decline has been producing some unexpected mutations.

Nature & Environment

'Bugpocalypse' sees major decline in insects

10-16-2018 | 7

A worrying new study has highlighted the catastrophic effects of global warming on insect populations.

Science & Technology

Hawking feared rise of enhanced 'superhumans'

10-14-2018 | 15

The late physicist predicted that genetic engineering will ultimately render half of the world's population obsolete.

Nature & Environment

It's official - cats are rubbish at catching rats

9-30-2018 | 12

A new study has cast doubt on the practice of releasing cats in to cities to help curb rat populations.

Nature & Environment

Mountain gorilla population now exceeds 1,000

5-31-2018 | 6

Conservationists have reported that the number of gorillas in one region of Rwanda has now doubled.

Archaeology & History

Aztec epidemic mystery may have been solved

1-16-2018 | 5

500 years ago, a deadly epidemic known as 'cocoliztli' killed nearly 80 per cent of the Aztec population.

Archaeology & History

New group of ancient Native Americans found

1-3-2018 | 11

Known as the ancient Beringians, this new group split from the founding population 20,000 years ago.

Nature & Environment

New orangutan species discovered in Sumatra

 VIDEO  11-2-2017 | 12

Scientists studying apes in northern Sumatra have identified a small population of an entirely new species.


Tallest men trace back to mammoth hunters

4-13-2017 | 19

A new study has linked a prehistoric population of mammoth hunters with some of today's tallest people.

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