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Space & Astronomy

Radiation blamed for Russian probe failure

1-31-2012 | 2

Russian space officials have claimed that cosmic radiation was to blame for the demise of Phobos-Grunt.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery radiation detected across Europe

11-13-2011 | 29

Nuclear officials are trying to locate the source of mysterious radiation picked up in Europe this week.

Space & Astronomy

Radiation ripples suggest many Big Bangs

12-1-2010 | 32

Scientists have found new evidence suggesting that the Big Bang might not have been the first or last.

Space & Astronomy

Hole found on the moon

10-23-2009 | 27

A hole found on the moon is thought to potentially lead down to a vast underground tunnel system. Carved by lava, tunnel...

Space & Astronomy

Radiation prevents manned Mars mission

9-19-2009 | 19

Radiation may prove to be the single biggest hurdle in putting a human on the planet Mars. Without the protective atmosp...

Science & Technology

Physicists create 'black hole for sound'

6-18-2009 | 2

Scientists have succeeded in creating an artificial black hole that traps sound instead of light, the phenomenon was pro...

Space & Astronomy

Why is moon dust sticky ?

4-24-2009 | 6

A scientist who has studied the question for four decades believes the answer lies in the Sun's ultraviolet and x-ray ra...

Space & Astronomy

Black holes caught in tug-of-war

4-7-2009 |

A mysterious phenomenon in which a suppermassive black hole can regulate its energy during a tug-of-war with a hot radia...

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