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The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon files reveal UFO 'radiation burns' and 'unexpected pregnancies'

4-6-2022 | 114

A cache of 1,500 declassified documents has revealed a wide range of symptoms from UFO experiencers.

The UFO Phenomenon

Whistleblower: 'pilots who pursued UFOs got radiation burns'

11-11-2021 | 23

A former intelligence officer has described the physical symptoms experienced by US Navy pilots.

Space & Astronomy

Martian caves could act as radiation shelters

8-31-2021 | 8

Caves dotted around the surface of the Red Planet could provide a safe haven for future human explorers.

Science & Technology

Mystery radioactive leak traced back to Russia

7-31-2019 | 2

It has been confirmed that the radiation detected over Europe in 2017 came from a Russian nuclear plant.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO 'death ray' made Korean War GIs sick

9-26-2018 | 31

In 1951, an encounter with a strange object near Seoul inflicted an entire company with radiation sickness.

Space & Astronomy

Mars trip radiation exposure levels revealed

9-20-2018 | 10

Scientists have calculated the minimum level of radiation that an astronaut will be exposed to on a trip to Mars.

Science & Technology

Did radiation over Europe come from Russia ?

11-10-2017 | 39

The unexplained cloud of Ruthenium-106 particles was detected over Europe in September and October.

Space & Astronomy

Mars astronauts could have their DNA altered

10-9-2017 | 15

NASA has been exploring ways to protect astronauts from deadly radiation during future missions to Mars.

Science & Technology

Mystery surrounds Europe radiation spike

2-21-2017 | 26

An unexplained spike in radiation was picked up across a number of European countries last month.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo astronauts at risk of heart problems

7-29-2016 | 11

The astronauts who walked on the moon are up to five times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

Science & Technology

Government study finds cellphone-cancer link

5-27-2016 | 63

The findings suggest that exposure to cellphone radiation may cause brain and heart cancers in rats.

Space & Astronomy

Has Hawking radiation been proven correct ?

4-25-2016 | 10

Stephen Hawking's theory of energy being emitted by a black hole may finally earn him a Nobel Prize.

Nature & Environment

Norway's wildlife still plagued by radiation

4-11-2016 | 19

30 years on, Scandinavia is still suffering from the after-effects of the world's worst nuclear disaster.

Space & Astronomy

Cosmic rays could damage astronauts' brains

5-2-2015 | 25

Cosmic radiation could be the single biggest problem for future astronauts embarking on a trip to Mars.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airman wins payout over Rendlesham UFO

3-4-2015 | 106

An American airman has received compensation after suffering radiation poisoning during the encounter.

Space & Astronomy

Radiation could thwart future space travel

10-24-2014 | 21

Sending humans in to space is set to become more difficult due to cosmic radiation exposure.

Space & Astronomy

Radiation poses risk to Mars astronauts

5-31-2013 | 9

New data from the Curiosity rover has revealed the threat posed by radiation to future astronauts.

World of the Bizarre

Snipers deployed to tackle giant mutant rats

3-5-2013 | 57

Gigantic rats have been plaguing Iran's capital Tehran after being exposed to radiation and chemicals.

Science & Technology

New technique to help study cell phone risks

1-4-2013 | 19

A new antenna will help researchers determine if cell phone radiation poses a health risk to humans.

Science & Technology

Japanese scientists find 8th-century mystery

6-4-2012 | 6

Earth was hit by a mysterious blast of cosmic radiation at some point during the 8th century AD.

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