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Nature & Environment

Humpback whale filmed sneezing a rainbow

4-14-2018 | 6

A wildlife photographer recently captured the moment a whale's blowhole spray produced a spectacular rainbow.

Nature & Environment

Nature's smallest rainbow found on tiny spider

 VIDEO  1-4-2018 | 3

The minuscule peacock spider has a rather colorful way of attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

Science & Technology

World's longest-lasting rainbow recorded

 VIDEO  12-2-2017 | 7

A record-breaking rainbow lasting almost nine hours has been recorded by two scientists in Taiwan.

World of the Bizarre

Rare full circle rainbow filmed over Russia

 VIDEO  7-28-2017 | 9

A crane operator working on a construction site has recorded footage of a 360-degree rainbow.

Science & Technology

Amazing 'fire rainbow' spotted over Singapore

2-22-2017 | 8

The breathtaking natural phenomenon was photographed by dozens of people on Monday afternoon.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Some women have superhuman 'rainbow vision'

 VIDEO  3-21-2016 | 29

A common genetic mutation has given many women the ability to see more colors than the rest of us.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Nessie sighting reported at fish farm

9-14-2011 | 52

Jon Rowe snapped two mysterious shapes in the water while he was photographing a rainbow.

Science & Technology

Rainbow trapped for the first time

12-2-2009 | 10

For the first time a rainbow of light has been trapped using a lens and a plate of glass using a technique that could op...

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