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World of the Bizarre

Bank robber fails due to his own bad handwriting

8-16-2021 | 3

A pensioner who attempted to rob a building society left empty-handed because the teller couldn't read his note.

World of the Bizarre

Elusive thief lives in grocery store ceiling

1-22-2020 | 5

Cops in Auburn have been struggling to catch a thief who lives in the rafters of the very store he keeps robbing.

World of the Bizarre

'Hypnotist bandit' robs four banks in a month

6-24-2014 | 15

A robber who allegedly hypnotizes bank tellers in to giving him money is being pursued by police.

World of the Bizarre

Jewellery store raided by gang of zombies

11-4-2013 | 9

Employees got the fright of their lives when several heavily armed undead broke in to the shop.

World of the Bizarre

Bank robber shoots his own foot

1-26-2012 | 21

A lookout for a bank robbery in Brazil managed to shoot himself in the foot during the ill-fated raid.

World of the Bizarre

Gang dig 100ft tunnel to steal 6000

1-15-2012 | 14

In a bizarre robbery a gang spent six months digging a tunnel to steal money from a cash machine.

World of the Bizarre

Armed Santa robs bank

12-24-2009 | 18

In a bizarre robbery this week a man dressed up as Santa was anything but generous when he entered a bank in the US wear...

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