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Modern Mysteries

Mystery message spooks smartphone owners

2-21-2020 | 17

Samsung Galaxy owners were left puzzled when a strange message was sent out during the night.

Science & Technology

Samsung reveals its 'artificial human' Neon

 VIDEO  1-7-2020 | 25

The tech giant has lifted the lid on a type of super-realistic digital person unlike anything seen before.

Science & Technology

Samsung teases reveal of 'artificial human' AI

 VIDEO  12-30-2019 | 25

The technology giant will be revealing a potentially 'next level' artificial intelligence known as NEON next week.

Science & Technology

The future: 'earthscrapers' and Quidditch ?

8-30-2019 | 5

Samsung has published its list of the new technologies that could revolutionize our lives in the next 50 years.

Science & Technology

Deepfake AI can bring still images to life

 VIDEO  5-25-2019 | 12

Samsung's new AI-driven software can create video footage of someone using nothing but a still image.

Science & Technology

Samsung is developing a brain-controlled TV

 VIDEO  11-13-2018 | 7

It may soon be possible to do away with the remote altogether and change channels using only your mind.

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