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Science & Technology

NASA highlights mystery of UFO-like 'Cavum clouds' in satellite image

3-2-2024 | 2

The phenomenon, which looks like someone has punched holes in the cloud cover, had puzzled scientists for decades.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery Russian satellite is 'stalking' US military satellite

4-28-2023 | 13

There is evidence to suggest that the satellite - named Kosmos-2558 - is tailing a confidential US satellite.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Doubts raised over alleged 'Bigfoot' spotted on Google Earth

1-30-2023 | 86

The image of an alleged Bigfoot found on Google's satellite mapping service has been dividing opinion this week.

Space & Astronomy

Elephant-sized asteroid passes Earth in extraordinary 'near-miss'

1-29-2023 | 6

The space rock passed us by at a distance of 2,200 miles - a fraction of the distance at which some satellites orbit the Earth.


Possible mystery aircraft photographed outside Area 51 hangar

9-2-2022 | 19

A satellite image taken on August 1st appears to show something large sitting outside a remote hangar at the base.

Space & Astronomy

Russian space laser could blind spy satellites

7-30-2022 | 3

Russia is reportedly working on a ground-based laser weapon capable of interfering with satellites in space.

Space & Astronomy

ESA wants to bring GPS and Skype to the Moon

5-22-2021 | 1

The space agency is planning to launch a constellation of lunar navigation and telecommunication satellites.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is the 'Black Knight' really an alien satellite ?

12-17-2020 | 11

For years, some have speculated that this unusual piece of space junk is actually an extraterrestrial device.

Space & Astronomy

Russia conducts anti-satellite weapons test

7-24-2020 | 7

Both the US and UK have expressed concern about an apparent test launch of a Russian space-based weapon.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Orbit debut rocket launch ends in failure

5-26-2020 | 5

Sir Richard Branson's new satellite launching company didn't have much luck with its debut flight yesterday.

Space & Astronomy

First US Space Force satellite has launched

 VIDEO  3-27-2020 | 3

A 'jam-proof' communications satellite for the newest branch of the US military has successfully launched.

Space & Astronomy

Temporary 'minimoon' found in Earth's orbit

2-27-2020 | 7

A tiny natural satellite that may have been in orbit for as long as three years has been spotted by scientists.

The UFO Phenomenon

Starlink could spark a new UFO sightings boom

1-7-2020 | 11

An ambitious effort to bring satellite Internet access to all could end up generating countless UFO reports.

Science & Technology

Very rare lava lake discovered on remote island

7-5-2019 | 3

Satellite images have revealed the existence of a lake of molten rock on the British island of Mount Michael.

The UFO Phenomenon

Starlink satellite train sparks UFO reports

 VIDEO  5-26-2019 | 12

A Dutch UFO website was inundated with reports on Saturday after a conga line of lights appeared in the sky.

Space & Astronomy

India missile test endangers the space station

4-2-2019 | 12

India has blown up one of its own satellites, producing space debris that could end up colliding with the ISS.

Space & Astronomy

Bursts of light detected in Earth's atmosphere

2-12-2019 | 4

A Russian satellite has picked up mysterious 'explosions of light' in our planet's upper atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Space billboards could display ads in the sky

 VIDEO  1-20-2019 | 11

A firm in Russia is working to create the world's first space billboard using a constellation of small satellites.

Space & Astronomy

Satellite to offer 'shooting stars on demand'

1-18-2019 | 13

A Japanese startup has launched a satellite in a bid to create the first ever artificial meteor shower.

Space & Astronomy

'Ghost' galaxy discovered outside Milky Way

11-14-2018 | 5

Scientists studying data from the Gaia satellite have identified a massive 'ghost' galaxy lurking nearby.

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