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Is the 'Black Knight' really an alien satellite ?

By T.K. Randall
December 17, 2020 · Comment icon 11 comments

A photograph of the 'Black Knight'. Image Credit: NASA
For years, some have speculated that this unusual piece of space junk is actually an extraterrestrial device.
You've probably seen this photograph before (above) - a black, metallic chunk of some unidentified remnant of the space industry that was captured on camera by NASA back in 1998.

Officially, it is simply little more than a piece of space debris, but to many conspiracy theorists, the 'Black Knight' is in fact an extraterrestrial satellite that has been observing our planet for years.

Stories concerning the object have been 'retrospectively dated' as far back as the 19th Century to a repeating extraterrestrial radio source heard during Nikola Tesla's radio experiments.

While this signal has since been attributed to a pulsar - something that hadn't been identified at the time - there are still many who attribute it to the Black Knight satellite.
During the 20th Century, speculation over the possibility of an orbiting 'alien surveillance' platform received a further boost when astronaut Gordon Cooper reported seeing a UFO during his trip into space aboard the Mercury-Atlas 9 mission in 1963.

There had also been reports of the US Navy detecting a dark-colored spy satellite in 1960.

In more recent years, it has been suggested that the object photographed in 1998 was actually a 'thermal blanket' used to shield top secret US spy satellites from detection during the Cold War.

As things stand, there's really nothing to suggest that the object is anything but space debris, however this is unlikely to satisfy those who subscribe to the belief that it is something more.

Whatever the case, it's a conspiracy theory that's unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Source: Popular Mechanics | Comments (11)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by jethrofloyd 3 years ago
'Black Knight' is really an ET satellite  as much as 'Oumuamua' is an alien spaceship. So, no way.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Seti42 3 years ago
I love the Black Knight myth. It's such a compelling story. For that reason alone, it'll never go away, IMO. All the best "It's Aliens!" tales are exactly that, good tales to tell. The photo is great too. I can imagine it being an oddly asymmetrical and ancient device. With no judge of scale, I can also imagine it any size I want...From 1-100 meters tall/long easily.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
Isn't it a blanket?
Comment icon #5 Posted by johncbdg 3 years ago
Am not even sure if that black knight satellite even existed i always thought it was a wind there any proof...
Comment icon #6 Posted by Seti42 3 years ago
That's what I've read as the official explanation. I have no reason to doubt it...Still though, I have a soft spot for this whole story. I got into reading about it a while back (not believing it's true, of course) and did several drawings and paintings of it.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Robotic Jew 3 years ago
I remember being really curious about it when I first read about it. It would be an awesome story and an unbelievable discovery if true. I've watched a few "documentaries" on it as well. There was even a time I held onto the belief that the picture was of a blanket and people just mistook it for the Black Knight and it was actually somewhere else up there. 
Comment icon #8 Posted by josellama2000 3 years ago
Just space debris  
Comment icon #9 Posted by toast 3 years ago
Well, there are approx. 2k satellites orbiting Earth at LEO level, so the space agencies and satellite companies would know the trajectory of such an object very well but have we heard of? No, because there is no such object.
Comment icon #10 Posted by WitchHearse 3 years ago
I also love this story and how the picture looks like the Batmobile. If you look at the other photos though it is obviously a thermal blanket or other space debris. I don't believe we have a satellite watching us other than ones humans put up there. I would like to point out if there was such an advanced satellite by a super advanced space travelling Alien race we would probably never be able to detect it. I am not saying i think it is impossible that there are space travelling alens or that we won't be some day I am just staying skeptical but open minded.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dejarma 3 years ago
only some

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