Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Science & Technology

Insane spherical screen turns on in Las Vegas and it's a game changer

 VIDEO  7-12-2023 | 11

This remarkable spherical screen can project realistic looking images that can be seen for miles around.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life bat interrupts screening of 'The Batman'

3-11-2022 | 2

A cinema screening of the Caped Crusader's latest outing was recently interrupted by a rather topical visitor.

Science & Technology

Will 'lick-o-vision' be 2022's first new TV trend ?

 VIDEO  1-1-2022 | 8

A Japanese professor has invented a new type of television screen that you can lick to experience different tastes.

The UFO Phenomenon

New screenplay tells story of West Lothian UFO incident

 VIDEO  10-21-2021 | 3

The feature film script tells the story of a man who was attacked by aliens in a remote Scottish forest in 1979.

Space & Astronomy

Scorching hot exoplanet 'snows' sunscreen

10-27-2017 | 1

Astronomers have observed an extrasolar planet with some of the weirdest weather conditions ever seen.

World of the Bizarre

Giant seal climbs on car, smashes windscreen

12-27-2016 | 6

A particular large Australian fur seal was seen this week wandering up a street and climbing on to cars.


Hill abduction case to be made in to a movie

9-20-2015 | 68

The famous Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case will soon be making its big screen debut.

Nature & Environment

'Finding Nemo' fish migrate vast distances

9-21-2014 | 4

Real-life clownfish have more in common with their big screen counterpart than was previously believed.

Science & Technology

Windscreen wipers could soon be obselete

12-16-2013 | 11

McLaren is working on a new technology that could soon see traditional windscreen wipers disappear.

Science & Technology

Physicists create new 'invisibility cloak'

3-27-2013 | 13

Scientists have succeeded in creating an invisibility cloak using a type of material called a metascreen.

World of the Bizarre

Man at cinema shoots self in buttocks

8-16-2012 | 57

A man attending a Nevada screening of The Bourne Legacy managed to shoot himself during the film.

Science & Technology

Unsung material could boost eco-building

11-16-2011 | 4

A material found in toothpaste, sunscreen, solar cells and at Wimbledon also devours air pollutants.


Hills' abduction to hit the big screen

9-25-2011 | 354

The well known abduction case of Barney and Betty Hill in 1961 is to be made in to a movie.

Space & Astronomy

Long-lost Apollo 11 footage found

9-29-2010 | 35

Long-lost footage showing Neil Armstrong descending on to the lunar surface is to be screened in Sydney.

Science & Technology

Skinput: turning your arm in to a touchscreen

3-3-2010 | 9

A new type of display is being developed that would project a touchscreen display on to the user's arm.

Science & Technology

Video scenes pulled from people's thoughts

11-29-2009 | 13

In a peculiar new experiment Doctor Jack Gallant of the UCB psychology department has succeeded in reproducing on a scre...

Science & Technology

Harry Potter newspaper becomes reality

8-23-2009 | 16

Animated newspapers such as those seen in the Harry Potter books are coming closer to reality next month as America's En...

Nature & Environment

Are gorillas the smartest apes ?

5-15-2009 | 11

New research conducted at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago suggests that gorillas could be the smartest apes in the world. Th...

Science & Technology

Contact lens television within 10 years ?

2-12-2009 | 13

Reports on possible future technologies have revealed the concept of a television screen on the inside of a contact lens...

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