Sunday, December 4, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

New documentary to unravel the mysteries of the Heaven's Gate cult

 VIDEO  3-6-2022 | 7

Back in 1997, a group of 39 people all committed suicide in the belief that their souls would be carried away by a UFO.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Alleged 'Bigfoot howl' recorded in Kentucky

 VIDEO  7-25-2019 | 59

Whitesburg resident Shaun Hammonds recently recorded a 'soul-piercing' howl coming from the forest.

World of the Bizarre

Bear breaks into house, sleeps in closet

6-22-2019 | 11

A homeowner in Missoula County, Montana recently returned home to find a rather unwelcome guest.

Science & Technology

New brain scanner to 'reveal the human soul'

12-20-2018 | 28

Scientists working on the world's most powerful MRI scanner are aiming to fully explore the human brain.


Is it possible to weigh the human soul ?

11-6-2015 | 110

At the beginning of the 20th century a doctor in Massachusetts attempted to weigh patients as they died.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Are eyes really a window to the soul ?

3-23-2012 | 45

A new study conducted by Yale University psychologists suggests that most people think so.


Vatican astronomer speaks out on alien life

9-18-2010 | 53

The Pope's astronomer has said that he believes intelligent alien life with souls may be living among the stars.

Nature & Environment

Dead salmon "responds to pictures"

9-29-2009 | 5

A dead salmon has generated a lot of attention this week after its brain allegedly lit up when shown pictures during a b...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Russian camera can see human soul

7-31-2009 | 19

A Russian inventor claims to have created a camera capable of seeing the human aura, the device can allegedly register t...

World of the Bizarre

Latvian firm accepts souls for loans

6-25-2009 | 32

A firm in Latvia is offering loans of an equivalent of $100-$1000 to residents and requires only the borrower's immortal...

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