Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Alleged 'Bigfoot howl' recorded in Kentucky

Posted on Thursday, 25 July, 2019 | Comment icon 59 comments

Is there something lurking in the woods ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Snezana Trifunovic
Whitesburg resident Shaun Hammonds recently recorded a 'soul-piercing' howl coming from the forest.
The footage, which was posted up on Facebook around two weeks ago, starts with Hammonds walking towards the treeline outside his house with his cellphone in the hope of capturing the sound.

Sure enough, the strange, distant howling can be heard multiple times throughout the clip.

His wife, who also appears in the footage, was similarly perplexed by the sound.

"Lil'Mama heard it with me and we can both tell you that's no elk, bear or coyote that sound pierces your soul it's unlike anything I've heard in these mountains," Hammonds wrote.

Have a listen for yourself below (skip to 2:20s) - is this the sound of Bigfoot, or is it something else ?

Source: Facebook | Comments (59)

Tags: Bigfoot, Kentucky

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #50 Posted by Merc14 on 6 August, 2019, 2:19
I think that it is important to provide a rational objection to irrational beliefs. 
Comment icon #51 Posted by the13bats on 6 August, 2019, 4:14
Your coming off all talking pile of fertilizer sanctimonious spewing your psychobabble about why others should or should not participate in the forum only makes you appear more trollish and buttchapped than ever that we all still know very well you never bring anything to the table, if you want to waste your time on your deeper pheusdo research of bears being mistaken for an imaginary creature just do it no need to try to okay it with me, it will just be more of your wild but empty claims based on your opinions not on facts.  
Comment icon #52 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 6 August, 2019, 14:19
you could do that with any religion in the world that you would want. and I could make a list as long as your leg more. but certain things get people into gear...
Comment icon #53 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 6 August, 2019, 14:27
Someone's off their meds again I have no idea why you should fear or get angered at any such research. It's all in fair play. People say "they see bears" - And I don't think they do. But you're hardly alone. People get angry in here for lots of imaginary reasons.
Comment icon #54 Posted by Merc14 on 6 August, 2019, 14:52
Not a good comparison, a God, by its very nature, is not provable, it is belief through faith.  A 7 foot tall, shaggy, mammal traipsing through the north American forests in numbers large enough to support a long term breeding population should be easily proved to exist, yet there is not one shred of physical evidence.  It is all but impossible  that we haven't found any evidence of Bigfoot in the hundreds/thousands of years people claim they have existed.
Comment icon #55 Posted by the13bats on 7 August, 2019, 11:28
Actually earl i dont take any meds, once in a while an asprin, i dont drink or smoke either and no, this isnt where you troll out and say i need meds, i took way too much benzos years ago and im very happy to be free and clean of that. since most times you post like you do have mental issues you really arent one to critique others in a way that they need meds. I dont fear or get cross over how you or anyone wants to waste their time, of course bears have been mistaken for the mythical creature called bigfoot, knock youself out trying to prove it never happened.  
Comment icon #56 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 7 August, 2019, 12:46
You admitted to having ADD and if you read back the thread, you won't see anywhere that I "trolled" anyone. Why is it that you think anyone who disagrees with you is a troll, are you paranoid? I made a very simple remark, based in my curiosity, as to why people who don't believe in BF will go to those boards religiously and I said it naming you and Merc. Funny, Merc gave a straightforward explanation as to his doing so. He didn't call me a troll. And he didn't moan and groan about it either.  "I dont fear or get cross over how you or anyone wants to waste their time" I am not angry, just perpl... [More]
Comment icon #57 Posted by the13bats on 7 August, 2019, 13:03
Sure, using a persons medical issues is very dbag of you., not paranoid just how it is. and then like you like to do you make up stuff, agreeing with me has no bearing,  i believe that many times you act like a troll because otherwise i would have to believe you are really dense, and there you go making up more bs, i do not believe or care if you are mad at me for not agreeing with you and you do screw with someone in someway in almost every post you make, and yeah, its a you problem, as most here have you well figured out.
Comment icon #58 Posted by stereologist on 7 August, 2019, 15:35
Your illogical constructs do not resolve the bear issue. Bear populations and big foot sightings match very well. Bear exist outside of the areas marked as bear populations. The same holds true for cougars. Bears are a good candidate for many BF sightings. Despite 70 years of BF claims there still is no evidence BF exists. The only state that never had bear before is Hawaii. Suggesting that there are areas of many BF sightings that do not coincide with bear populations over time is pure fiction. Please take the time to find out for yourself how wrong you have been and how then ponder how much ... [More]
Comment icon #59 Posted by stereologist on 7 August, 2019, 15:38
Make this your hypothesis: Is bear misidentification as BF is minimal? That's a good question. Then compare the locations  of BF sightings with bear populations. Take it from there and report the evidence and whether accepting or rejecting the hypothesis.

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