Monday, July 15, 2024
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Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds grey squirrel found in 'impossible location'

6-8-2024 | 2

Conservationists have been left puzzled by the discovery of an invasive species of squirrel on a Scottish island.

World of the Bizarre

Police in China have trained squirrels to act as sniffer dogs

 VIDEO  2-18-2023 | 7

Squirrels capable off sniffing out narcotics have been trained by police in the city of Chongqing in southwestern China.

World of the Bizarre

Psycho squirrel is put down after attacking 18 people

12-31-2021 | 17

A violent squirrel has had to be euthanized after it went on a rampage in a small Welsh town over Christmas.

Nature & Environment

'Giant squirrel' claim turns out to be a mistake

12-9-2018 | 0

A photograph of an eastern fox squirrel alleged to be a whopping 2ft tall has been raising eyebrows recently.

Nature & Environment

Man helps to free tangled 'squirrel king'

 VIDEO  5-30-2017 | 7

Andrew Day had been visiting family when he encountered four squirrels with their tails tied together.

World of the Bizarre

Warning issued over spate of squirrel attacks

12-5-2015 | 11

A rather feisty tree-dweller has been hitting the headlines in northwest Novato over the last few weeks.

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