Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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30% of Mexican 'alien' mummies' DNA is from an 'unknown species'

12-1-2023 | 507

Jaime Maussan is back in the limelight once again, this time claiming that the mummies are 'definitely not human'.

Space & Astronomy

Huge black hole is spinning so fast that it's distorting space-time

11-30-2023 | 3

The huge black hole at the center of our galaxy is spinning at such an extreme rate that it is literally squishing space-time.

Nature & Environment

Rare Vangunu giant rat caught on camera for the first time ever

11-24-2023 | 4

Native to the Solomon Islands, the rat hadn't even been recognized as a real species until relatively recently.

Space & Astronomy

Extremely high-energy 'sun goddess' particle falls to Earth from space

11-24-2023 | 15

The particle is over one million times more energetic than anything generated by the Large Hadron Collider.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk's Starship explodes during second orbital test fight

 VIDEO  11-18-2023 | 41

The enormous spacecraft successfully reached space for the first time but was unable to make it home in one piece.


Weird and hilarious submissions to Ring's $1M alien contest revealed

 VIDEO  11-7-2023 | 1

People across the country wasted no time in producing some weird, wacky and downright hilarious video clips.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Does our perception of time slow down during a near-death experience ?

11-5-2023 | 1

Psychologist Ruth Ogden takes a closer look at how the human mind perceives the passage of time.

Science & Technology

How long would it take for a zombie plague to spread across a city ?

10-29-2023 | 14

A new study has determined the amount of time it would take for a zombie apocalypse to overwhelm a single city.

Archaeology & History

New evidence discovered at alleged resting place of Noah's Ark in Turkey

 VIDEO  10-28-2023 | 10

Scientists have found evidence of human activity dating back to the time of the Biblical vessel.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Juno spacecraft photographs creepy 'face' on Jupiter

10-27-2023 | 8

Just in time for Halloween, NASA has posted up an image of an eerie-looking formation in the gas giant's atmosphere.

Ghosts & Hauntings

New found footage horror game challenges players not to scream

 VIDEO  10-20-2023 | 3

A terrifying new upcoming video game named 'Don't Scream' requires players to simply outlast its 18-minute runtime.

Science & Technology

What happens when an AI inevitably passes the Turing test ?

10-19-2023 | 5

With AI systems such as ChatGPT becoming increasingly capable, it's only a matter of time before an AI can fool a human.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rover records footage of 'dust devil' up to 1.2 miles tall

 VIDEO  10-10-2023 | 1

Estimates suggest that the otherworldly whirlwind was around 5 times the height of the Empire State Building.

Science & Technology

Scientists recover RNA from an extinct species for the first time

9-20-2023 | 2

In a world first, scientists have succeeded in recovering RNA molecules from a preserved Tasmanian tiger specimen.

Science & Technology

Biological clocks: how does our body know that time goes by?

9-2-2023 | 1

If you spent months cut off from the outside world, would you be able to tell if it was even day or night ?

Archaeology & History

Historians stumped by contents of historic 1820s time capsule

 VIDEO  8-29-2023 | 15

There had been much intrigue and excitement about what would be found inside the lead box buried 200 years ago.

World of the Bizarre

Woman dies after drinking too much water during boat trip

8-10-2023 | 47

The freak incident occurred when the mother-of-two chugged multiple bottles of water in a short space of time.

Science & Technology

Scientists achieve nuclear fusion net energy gain for second time

8-7-2023 | 6

The achievement represents another step toward unlimited clean energy that could revolutionize the world.

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre viral video shows woman 'frozen in time' on the street

 VIDEO  7-23-2023 | 18

The clip, which shows a woman momentarily stop motionless, has racked up millions of views on TikTok.

Space & Astronomy

Potentially habitable worlds may be more common than we thought

7-11-2023 | 16

Scientists now believe that there are 100 times as many habitable worlds in our galaxy than previously thought.

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